Jelly roll quilt calculator

Jelly Roll Quilt Calculator


This calculator helps you find the no. of jelly rolls and strips needed to complete your project. Simply select your quilt size from the options to find out!

How to Use the jelly roll quilt calculator?

  • Click the dropdown to view the available quilt sizes.
  • Select the desired quilt size (Crib, Lap, Twin, Queen, or King).
  • Click the “Calculate” button.
  • View the results displayed below the button, which include:
    • Quilt Size
    • No. of Jelly Rolls needed
    • Total no. of strips required
    • Quilt dimensions in inches (width x height)
Calculator for quilt jelly roll size and strips calculations

What is a Jelly Roll in Quilting?

A jelly roll is a bundle of fabric segments that are typically 2 1/2 inches wide and 44 to 45 inches long. The majority of jelly roll bundles include forty fabric segments in a variety of coordinating colors and patterns.

The company Moda coined the term “jelly roll” to describe these pre-cut fabric coils.

These pre-cut fabric bundles are ideal for fast and simple sewing projects because they save time on fabric selection and cutting.

Why do we need to calculate the jelly rolls and number of strips?

To make sure you have enough fabric to finish a quilt, you need to figure out how many jelly rolls and strips you need.

If you know how many jelly rolls and strips you need, you can plan and budget for your quilt. You won’t have to buy extra fabric or risk running out of supplies while you’re making it.

The size and pattern of the quilt can change how many jelly rolls and strips you need. For example, you might only need one jelly roll with 40 strips to make a lap quilt, but you might need three to make a queen-size quilt.

By figuring out ahead of time how many jelly rolls and strips you will need, you can make sure that the sewing process goes smoothly and that the end result is good.

What is the formula to calculate the jelly rolls and strips?

  1. Usable Strip Length = Fabric Width – 2 * Selvedge Width
  2. Strips per Jelly Roll = Usable Strip Length / (Strip Width + Seam Allowance)
  3. Total Strips Needed = Quilt Area / (Strip Width * Usable Strip Length)
  4. Jelly Rolls Needed = Total Strips Needed / Strips per Jelly Roll
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