Makita Heated Jacket Review – 3 best Jackets compared

Makita is a Japanese brand. It is a famous power tools manufacturer. This Makita heated jacket review will cover all Makita heated jackets, specifications, prices, and Makita customer reviews.

Makita heated Jacket review

Makita offers three heated jackets:

  1. Makita DCJ205ZL 18V LXT Heated Jacket
  2. Makita DCJ201ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Mossy Oak Heated Jacket
  3. Makita DCJ206ZL 18V LXT High Visibility Heated Jacket

We have tried almost every heated jacket. Here is our list of top heated jackets.

Makita DCJ205ZL 18V LXT Heated Jacket

Makita DCJ201ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Mossy Oak

Makita DCJ206ZL 18V LXT High Visibility Heated Jacket

The Makita DCJ206ZL is also a top candidate in our top work jackets list.

Makita Heated Jacket battery

All Makita heated jackets are equipped with Lithium-ion 18v batteries. These batteries have a runtime of 25-37 hours at a low heat setting.

Makita stands out from the crowd with the highest runtime as compared to all of its competitors.

However, we are disappointed to find out in this Makita heated jacket review that they sell batteries separately.

Makita Heated Jacket material

All Makita heated jackets have outer shells made up of polyester. Since it is wind and water-resistant, you can wear these heated jackets in extreme weather conditions. These jackets will provide you great warmth, plus you will be saved from rainwater, snowfall, and wind.

The fleece interior does not let the heat escape, which results in added comfort.

How many heat zones do Makita jackets have?

Makita DCJ205ZL has five heat zones. These heat zones are located at the left chest, right chest, back, and at both pockets.

Makita DCJ201ZXL has three heat zones. The Makita DCJ201ZXL heat zones are located left chest, right chest, and back.

Furthermore, Makita DCJ206ZL heat zones are five. They are located at the left chest, right chest, back, and at pockets.

We recommend Makita DCJ206ZL as a top jacket for work in this Makita heated jacket review.

Makita heated Jacket Pockets

Makita DCJ205Z and Makita DCJ201ZXL have four pockets each. The Makita DCJ206Z pockets are 5. These pockets are located chest and sleeve. Additionally, every heated jacket of Makita carries a battery pocket.

The Makita heated jacket reviews show that customers are happy because they get plenty of storage options. 

A removable belt clip with power storage helps you carry the batteries easily and securely.

Makita heated jacket heat settings

All heated jackets of Makita contain an LED controller to adjust the heat settings according to your own choice.

There are three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High. With a simple button press, you can choose the heated jacket temperature of your choice.

There are also 3 LED indicators that indicate the current temperature level.

Makita Heated Jacket charger

You can charge the batteries of Makita heated jackets through the charger provided by Makita. You can also use it to you charge your other devices like Mobile phone and Powerbank.

Are these jackets machine washable?

Yes, these jackets are machine washable. The reviews of the Makita jacket show that customers love that these heated jackets can be washed easily as compared to other heated jackets.

However, do not forget to read the instructions as every manufacturer has different instructions for washing and taking care of heated jackets.

Makita Jacket Sizing

All Makita heated jackets are available in the following size;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL

Customer reviews

The Makita Heated Jakcet reviews are extremely positive.

Makita DCJ205ZL and Makita DCJ201ZXL have overall rating of 4.2.

Maikta heated jackets review

Makita scores 4.3 when it comes to the DCJ206ZL heated jacket.

Maikta heated jacket reviews

Customers praise the material, battery life, and overall quality of these heated jackets. Furthermore, customers love the Mamita work jacket DCJ206ZL as it meets ANSI107 Class 3 requirements for use in work environments.

Makita heated jackets reviews

However, some customers were unhappy with the runtime of the battery at higher settings.

Our Take

We loved the battery life and colors of the Makita heated jackets. As covered in this Makita heated jacket review, the material of these jackets is excellent, the storage options are great, and the eating panels are located at just the right spots. We recommend DCJ206ZL heated jacket as it is a great option to wear at work.

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