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Best Heating Pad for Endometriosis ( Updated 2023)

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Heating pads are helpful for pain management in endometriosis. It is also a beneficial option for treating and minimizing menstrual pain and cramps. Consider it a successful home remedy for reducing pain experienced in the stomach, abdomen walls, pelvic floor, and lower back. Whenever you apply heat, you will feel your stretched, tensed, and rigid muscles relaxing. Heat is used as a source of loosening your muscles, making the menstrual cramping less painful.

The pain caused by endometriosis can also be reduced by heating pads.

I bought top endometriosis pads on Amazon. My patients reported these 5 heat pads to be the best.

Best endometriosis heating pads

1) Amirce heating pad

Amirce electric pad is the best heating pad for endometriosis.

This is a heated pad you need to get rid of cramps and aching muscles. Made with a fantastic combination of 90% ABS and 10% Velvet, it is soft and equally durable. Apart from its top-class material, it has many other reasons to become your favorite. The key appeal is the use of Graphene heating which is safe and healthy for pains and aches. Graphene makes it highly effective for quick pain relief.

The ease of use is unmatchable. For convenience, it has magnetic proximity charging. This level of tech has been infused into this device to make it work more brilliantly. The induction touch switch is another exciting feature. It has multiple settings for multiple functions:

  • 3 heating modes (113℉,131℉ and 149℉)
  • 3 -frequency vibration massage modes (3000, 4500, and 6000 vibrations per minute)

All you need is to touch the switch and can easily adjust the temperature or vibration setting. It has everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable without any safety threats, overheating or skin-burning issues. The layout is reasonable, with an internal battery for convenient portability. Once it is fully charged, it will run as long as about 5 hrs.

This 2-in-1 heating pad is safe to use. It has installed an automatic shut-off switch (shuts down automatically after 30 Minutes). It is multifunctional and treats multiple painful areas simultaneously.

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2) Aroma Season heating pad

A lot of women have been suffering from endometriosis, menstrual pain, and cramps, but not anymore! This best endometriosis heating pad can put your agony to an end – a more convenient and more efficient heating pad for daily use. The best part is its versatility. You can use it for belly, neck, and lower back pains. It will give a good fit, trapping the heat for warmth and quick relief. Moreover, it heats up in no time and can deliver high-temperature heat for a continuous 6 hrs. All credit goes to the robust 7.4V 3000mAh Li-ion Batteries.

Use it anywhere and anytime for instant and long-lasting heat treatment!

This All-around body heating pad is made with thin, breathable, stretchable, and lightweight fabric that wraps around the body, relieving the soreness. It offers three temperature settings. The range lies from 104℉ to 140℉. Even if you have left it on, there is no need to worry. For instance, it has full safety precautions, a built-in auto-off switch, which automatically turns off your pad in 1 hr. The use of velcro closure ensures fool-proof heating.

This menstrual heating pad flawlessly fits your body shape, creating a relaxing compression effect. The LED indicators will keep you updated about the temperature and capacity.

3) Ruqiji Heating Pad

Designed with a long-lasting fabric called Ultra Soft Flannel, this electric heating pad for endometriosis is one of the most effective options. The product measures 17” x 33,” and yes, it is BIG, we can say “XXXL Size.” Why? Because it is much more than a usual heating pad. Unlike heating pads that warm one part at a time, it covers Full Body. It is suitable to use in endometriosis for alleviating menstrual pain. But, being a multipurpose item, you can place it to get warmth in other regions as well, such as the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, and waist. It’s time to enjoy safe and effective heat therapy with this classic piece!

It works by promoting healthy blood circulation and uplifting your mood by relaxing your mind. It never itches or causes rashes. The flannel provides maximum comfort. The ability to trap the heat is marvelous. The Overheating Protection is available to make it safe for use by people of any age. The key features are:

  • Fast-Heating Technology
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • Digital display screen
  • 120 Minutes Auto Shut Off

The use of a heating pad only for 20 minutes daily will be enough for pain relief. It is easy to clean. It can be machine or hand washed.

4) MIGHTY BLISS Electric Heating Pad

One item, multiple uses!

Typically designed for treating menstrual pain and cramps, it can help relieve arthritic, muscular pain, backache, and stiff joints. NO MORE PAIN & SORING MUSCLES!

Even if you have a heating pad, you must replace it with this one. It is of high quality, ensuring maximum durability and a large surface to provide more warmth to bigger parts. It heats super-fast and provides relief immediately. It has a sturdy construction and unique heating mechanism, letting the heat penetrate efficiently. It has smooth, flexible, and soft felt microplush fibers for the most deluxe and comfy experience.

What makes it best? For the cozy feeling in winters, use this XL heating pad! Its various personalized temperature settings. It has low, medium, or high-temperature heat settings; choose what suits you.

5) GENIANI Electric Heating Pad

If you are fed up with menstrual cramps and want to get instant relief from menstrual pains, you must have this in your room!

Once placed on the sore muscles, you will feel how amazing it works on your body. Ideal for back pain relief, you can use it for several purposes. Its heating element is top-class and safe, durable, and reliable, delivering a steady heat stream to the painful area. With its quick heating time, you have to give it less than 30 seconds, and it will heat up.

It features an ultra-soft exterior that feels plush on touch – an incredibly cozy feeling. All credit goes to the flexible microplush that gives an epic fit to your body for maximum effect.

What features make it the top-recommended heating pad?

  • Three heat settings (low, medium, high)
  • King size – 12″x 24″
  • Easy care – machine washable
  • Auto shut off
  • Dual function as it can work as a dry and moist heat therapy

Endometriosis FAQs

Is a heating pad effective for endometriosis?

Heating pads are one of the most effective home remedies for endometriosis pain management. Whether you have chosen moist heat or dry heat source, the effects of heat will be the same, and you will get instant relief and comfort from pain and cramping. Moist heat includes warm baths, soaked warm wet towels, and heating packs. Dry heat includes dry heating packs and electric heating pads.

How does heat relieve endometriosis pain?

The warmth provided by the heating pads increases blood circulation by dilating vessels. They play a role in healing the scarred and damaged tissues.

endometriosis facts
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Can endometriosis be treated by heat or ice?

Yes, endometriosis can be treated with heat. The heat can be either dry or moist. Comparatively, moist heat is recommended because of its fast penetrating power. As soon as you apply heat, your muscles will relax.

According to some doctors, ice can also be a good treatment. They support the theory that heat causes vasodilation resulting in continuous blood flow. In contrast, the ice tends to slow down circulation. And for endometriosis, the blood flow should never be given free control.

What can worsen endometriosis?

Any food, action, exercise, or medication that increases inflammation can significantly worsen your endometriosis symptoms. Typically, the diet plays an essential role in worsening the situation, and that food should be avoided at all costs. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Caffeine
  • Red meat
  • Unhealthy fats (Saturated and trans)

Can vitamins help me with endometriosis?

Surprisingly, endometriosis is known to be treated with herbs, vitamins, and supplements. Specific vitamins play an essential role in alleviating one or more symptoms. But, it should only be used as the adjacent therapies.

  1. Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in hormone regulation that might make it a necessary item to decrease the estrogen level in the body, and we know endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent disease.
  2. Vitamin D (VD) is considered essential in monitoring and decreasing inflammatory diseases such as endometriosis. And, yes, it is an efficient modulator of your immune system, too.
  3. Vitamin E and Vitamin C being great antioxidants are necessary to control the increased oxidative stress in endometriosis.

How does endometriosis affect the immune system?

Endometriosis is not an autoimmune condition, but it tends to increase the risk for autoimmune diseases significantly. The high-level inflammation caused by endometriosis triggers an imbalance in your immune system, lowering the guard against the diseases. It impairs surveillance and makes your innate immune system faulty.

How does endometriosis affect fertility?

Even if you have endometriosis, you can get pregnant but with complications, of course. Generally, endometriosis is highly linked with infertility. Up to half of the females with endometriosis are known to face the trouble of getting pregnant. The likelihood of infertility directly depends on the severity of the endometriosis. As the studies say, endometriosis can cause fertility in following multiple ways:

  • Distorted anatomy of the pelvis
  • Adhesions
  • Altered immune system
  • Scarred fallopian tubes
  • Inflammation of the pelvic structures
  • Hormonal changes in the eggs
  • Impaired implantation of a pregnancy

Is walking helpful for endometriosis?

Absolutely, yes!

For patients who have endometriosis, exercise and physiotherapy are highly recommended. Even a simple walk can improve the symptoms. It will support the patient in maintaining a healthy weight, as well. In short, it is necessary to keep moving and maintain that overall sense of healthiness.

  • It boosts your mood.
  • It helps alleviate pain.
  • It restores strength
  • It benefits your body as a whole
walking helps ease pain in endometriosis
walking helps ease pain in endometriosis

How do TENS work for endometriosis?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines effectively treat pain, especially in endometriosis. With the application of mild electrical pulses, the pain is alleviated without any side effects. It is usually an unobtrusive, small, battery-operated tool with sticky pads. You might experience a tingling sensation.

For endometriosis, it works as soon as you place the electrodes on the skin. By sending electrical pulses inside the body, it functions in two ways:

  • By blocking the pain signals being transferred through the nerves to the spinal cord and brain
  • By assisting the body in increased endorphins release, which is the natural body’s pain-fighters

How to use a TENS machine for endometriosis?

Please take it as a general guide for using a TENS machine. But before using your machine, do read its instructions. Feel free to take its benefits while working!

  • First, set the pads over your skin but make sure that your gadget is not on and the pads are placed on either side of the sore area, having a minimum of 2.5cm distance in between.
  • Once the pads are attached to your skin, turn the TENS machine on.
  • Set the strength of the electrical impulses as per your need or tolerance. You can control it by its dial (usually placed upfront). It is recommended to keep it low at the start and, with time, increase the strength. But if you feel uncomfortable, do not use it.

Additional Questions

Can a heating pad provide relief for endometriosis?

Absolutely, a heating pad might be your best ally in dealing with endometriosis pain. Heating pads have been known to offer immediate soothing comfort to many sufferers. They are a tried and tested home remedy for the nagging pain associated with endometriosis.

The heat from the pads can help ease muscle tension, reduce pain, and increase blood flow to the affected area, all of which could potentially help manage those aggravating symptoms. An additional option you might want to consider is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine. These machines send vibrations to your muscles that have been reported to relieve some of the pain associated with endometriosis.

In my experience, rotating between a heating pad and a TENS machine on particularly tough days has proven especially effective. Sure, it doesn't cure the condition, but any relief is welcome, and every little bit counts when it comes to managing chronic pain.

What is the optimum way to use a heating pad for endometriosis?

Now, here’s a pro-tip that I found works wonders: instead of just one, use two heating pads. The logic is simple, while one deals with the usually referred lower back pain (as Dr. Dassel notes is a common symptom of endometriosis), the other gets to soothe your stomach.

This double whammy approach has really made a difference for me. The pads are a cost-effective home remedy that puts the ‘care’ back in self-care while keeping my pain levels manageable. I've found that with consistent use, this method can actually help control the pain better than any other remedy I've tried so far.

Which type of heating pad is best suited for cramps?

The truth is, it depends on your personal preference. You can choose between electric heating pads, infrared heating pads, microwavable heating pads, or hot water bags. In my experience, it’s best to try a few out and decide for yourself which one you find most comfortable and effective for your cramps.

Is there a chance of a heating pad increasing menstrual flow?

Heat may increase blood flow to your pelvis and uterus, but rest assured, it won’t have any significant impact on your menstrual cycle. One thing it can do, however, is offer some respite from painful cramps.

Even though it doesn't change the timing of your period, the peace that comes with relief from those aches is invaluable. For years, I've turned to heating pads whenever those familiar aches start, and let's just say, they haven't let me down yet.

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