Bosch heated jacket review

Bosch heated jacket review – Expensive but worth

Bosch heated jacket review
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This Bosch heated jacket review shows that Bosh delivers quality heated jackets. However, they are expensive so not everyone can afford their jackets.

A Detailed Review Of Bosch Heated jacket

Bosch heated jacket material

Each bosch heated jacket is made from 60% cotton and 40% Polyester. The material of Bosch heated jacket allows easy care and adjustability while offering the optimum warmth.

Bosch heated Jacket battery

Bosch uses 12V Lithium-ion batteries in its whole range of heated jackets. These batteries have a runtime of a max of 6 hours. As compared to this, most brands offer better batteries with a longer run time. Moreover, you can also charge your mobile phone or other USB devices. You can also buy the Bosch battery hostler to keep your battery safe.

Heat zones and levels

There are three heat panels in these heated jackets. Two heat zones are located at the chest, while one is located at the back. All Bosch heated jackets have three levels of heat; low, medium, and high. The blue, green, and red colors indicate these heat levels, respectively. The Bosch heated jacket review shows that this heated jacket provides warmth and comfort perfectly regardless of the weather.

Bosch heated jacket pockets

There are three zipper pockets in each heated jacket that offer plenty of secure storage. However, when we compare it with other heated jackets, the number of pockets is not enough.

Is the Bosch heated jacket water resistant?

Yes, it is wind and water-resistant. It means you can wear it no matter whether it’s raining, snowing, or windy weather outdoors.

Bosch heated jackets reviews

The reviews of bosch heated jackets show that it’s a good jacket to wear when you are outdoors. However, some customers are unhappy. The Bosch store on Amazon does not attach the sizing charts, which can confuse.

There are complaints about fitting and sizing. Other than these complaints, most customers praise the longer battery time and the stylish look that these heated jackets offer.

Bosch heated jacket reviews
Bosch heated jackets reviews


Can I machine wash these jackets?

Yes, these jackets can be machine washed. However, be sure to read the Bosch heated jacket instructions for washing the Bosch jackets. These jackets can also be hand washed easily.

Bosh jacket prices

The prices of Bosch heated jackets range from 149-253. These are slightly expensive heated jackets when we compare them with the best jackets on our list.

Our take

Bosch promises to offer quality jackets at low prices. This Bosch heated jacket review showed that these are quality heated jackets. However, Bosch needs to increase the number of pockets and look into sizing issues. 

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