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8 Best Radiant Floor Heating Systems 2023

HEATWAVEFloor Heating System 9.8Check on Amazon
Schluter DITRA HEAT kit 9.8Check on Amazon
SunTouch Heated Floor Mat 9.7Check on Amazon
Happybuy Floor Heating Mat 9.5Check on Amazon
SEAL Electric Radiant Floor system 9.3Check on Amazon
LuxHeat Electric Radiant Floor 9.2Check on Amazon
HeatTech Electric Radiant In-Floor system 9.0Check on Amazon

Do you want to keep your floor warm in the winter?

Get a good floor heating system.

The main reason to get a radiant floor heating system is that it keeps you warm, cozy, and comfortable inside your home. Their most notable features include energy efficiency, cost savings, safety, feasible application, and easy maintenance. 

The only problem can be its installation, which will take time, effort, labor, and money. You must consider heated floors a smart investment to keep your room and even the entire house toasty warm.

When buying a heating system for your floor, you must look for the:

  • Type of the heating element
  • Quality of the materials used in the construction
  • Safety protocols
  • Capacity and time, it needs to heat the floor
  • Ability to heat the entire room or house
  • Ease of installation
  • Maintenance cost

Best heated floor systems

I bought 16 top-rated floor systems from Amazon. After testing each and every system for 30 days, I have found the eight best systems.

Warming systems Floor Heat Heating System

It is one of the top-rated radiant floor heating systems. It provides a comfy environment with its efficient warming performance. If you’re remodeling your floor, this is a must-do.

Installing this cable-set type of heating system is no longer a problem, as it comes with detailed plastic cable guides and installation monitors.

The automatic floor-sensing thermostat adds to its safety. The use of high-tech floor sensors is designed to maximize comfort.

The thermostat is constructed in a contemporary layout, with a backlit display and a user-friendly interface. And, yes, you can switch between the F and C temperature scales easily.

Apart from easy temperature control, it uses the highest quality materials to use for a longer period. It can heat your room and entire home with a spool of heating cable.

You can even use this radiant heating system as underfloor heating in odd-shaped areas.

  • 50 Sqft Cable
  • Digital Programmable Thermostat which is of 120 volts, rated for 16 amps
  • Energy saving
  • Two temperature sensors-one in the floor
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Installation Monitor is delivered in a package
  • 25-year Warranty
  • Comparatively, it is slightly expensive.

HEATWAVEFloor Heating System

This 20 Square Feet Heating Mat is money well spent, as it gives you a perfectly heated floor. It is so easy to use and install radiant heating system.

This system can make your life comfier and cozier. The quality is guaranteed with the use of top-notch material. The Heating Cable is specially designed to withstand the test of time and use.

The company designed it with a thin profile that effectively radiates heat upwards into the surroundings. It adheres to the floor most safely and securely. You can say it is the best and most versatile floor-warming system you can find, even when your budget is tight.

Did you know that you can install a heated towel rack to keep your towel cozy and sterilized?

This radiant floor heating mat is equipped with a technically advanced and refined thermostat that operates smoothly. You can easily change the settings with its simple user interface. The best part? It is multi-voltage, coming in three options: 120, 208, and 240 V.

Three modes are offered: automatic, manual, and comfort mode for the thermostat. The system seems compatible to be embedded under any cement-like material. Excellent and affordable floor heating system!

  • Programmable thermostat (120VAC) with up to 4 event programming
  • Safe to be installed at Wet Locations
  • Provides optimal heat dispersion
  • Two sensors: a built-in air sensor and a 10-foot long floor sensor
  • Available in Multiple installation Configurations
  • Its thermostat is less intuitive
  • The display shows characters in a tiny font making it difficult to read.

Schluter DITRA HEAT kit

It is about time to bring comfort and a touch of luxury with this innovative and handy heating system. This heated floor system kit can effortlessly be snapped into an uncoupling membrane without needing any clips or fasteners. You can easily install it in your space.

Absolutely a fuss-free process! It should be on your priority list when remodeling or constructing a home.

The system works well. The floor sensors are highly intuitive. Moreover, it comes with a touchscreen display. This heated floor system is designed to give off the right amount of heat to warm the floor without wasting any heat.

DITRA-HEAT is a mixture of two essential factors that makes any heating system effective and practically feasible. First is the flexibility of loose heating cables. And, second is the ease of installation of heating mat systems.

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  • Cost- and energy-saving option
  • Able to heat 26.7 square feet
  • Robust uncoupling membrane is included in the kit
  • High-tech programmable touchscreen thermostat
  • 2-floor sensors
  • Customizable heating zones can be created
  • Suitable for tile floors
  • Heats the entire room evenly
  • Recommends to wait for seven days before starting a consistent use once grouting is completed.

SunTouch Heated Floor Mat

The most significant benefit of buying this mat is that you can install it anywhere anytime without creating any mess. It means this mat seems like an ideal fit for all types of flooring. Whether you have a tile or stone, wooden or laminate floor, it will warm it up!

You can install it in homes and commercial buildings quickly and effortlessly. Feel confident while choosing this! It is available in three options.

The mat is fully customizable and can fit rooms of any shape or size. Its easy one-step application seems like a big plus.

Once placed, all you need is to press it over with a self-leveler. It is a device loaded with several unique features. The kit has a large touchscreen and manageable controls. Moreover, it features double-sided tape and a 10 ft power lead.

  • Touchscreen programmable thermostat
  • Floor sensor
  • The kit has installation equipment
  • 1/8” thick cable that can be connected to 120-volt AC power
  • Suitable for all floor coverings
  • Options for display color themes
  • Remote access
  • Outdoor reset in the SunStat Connect
  • Sunstat Pro II fails to function correctly sometimes.

Happybuy Floor Heating Mat

Happy buy ranks 5th in our best heated floor system review.

One thing is sure, and that is its PREMIUM QUALITY. With the use of quality materials and high-tech, this device is manufactured to offer maximum durability. It is reliable and safe to use a heating mat. The cable used for heating is kept flexible, making its use and installation easier. Moreover, the wires are insulated with PEP and come with an aluminum cable ground connection.

The sturdy PVC protection maximizes safety. Moreover, the sensor shows accuracy in sensing heated floor tempearutre.

The thermostat is a multipurpose addition, as you can use it to check the time, room temperature, humidity, and floor temperature. No tools are required for installation. It can send out a steady stream of heat that is spread out evenly, making the room warm.

This heating floor mat works well with all types of flooring, including ceramic, cement, porcelain, stone, vinyl, marble or granite, wooden and laminate.

  • Designed with a self-adhesive mesh surface
  • Temperature sensor
  • Alarm device
  • Quick to heat
  • Protection settings for safety
  • For vinyl floor, it doesn’t warm the floor properly.
  • The instructions are poorly translated.

SEAL Electric Radiant Floor system

This heating system is m suitable for both home & commercial use. It is an ideal electric heating system to warm your living space, particularly in the winter or cold floor spots. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain. It has a low cost of ownership and saves energy.

One thing that makes it disguising is its woven copper mesh shielding layer. The company claims its unparalleled safety. Made in a professional design; you can embed it anywhere!

Don’t know how to install it? Read the detailed instructions! This best heated floor system 2023 comes in a user-friendly and self-adhesive design that makes the underfloor more feasible. The high-quality heating cables have double insulation protection. As it produces heat steadily, the use of central heating systems will be reduced, saving you money.

  • Available in size options (10 – 100 sq. ft)
  • Resistance Wire Shield
  • Ideal for Laminate Floor
  • Easily adheres to the floor
  • Use of Exquisite HQ Materials
  • Multiple Configurations available
  • It never gets hot enough to heat through the 3/8” tile.

LuxHeat Electric Radiant Floor

Are you looking for the best radiant floor heating system that adds to your comfort with a splash of luxury? Yes, it is your answer!

LuxHeat carefully crafted heating mat that can be installed under any flooring type, including marble, carpet, cement, laminate, wooden, and tile.

To adjust the odd spaces and floor sizes, feel free to cut or trim, fold, or flip the heating Mat—no more flipping with its adhesive solid mesh surface. You would find this floor heating mat stylish compared to other pricey heating rugs. Its top-class thermostat provides Dual sensing (Air/Floor). 

Electromagnetic fields are reduced to extremely low levels by the LuxHeat Dual Wire Technology, which is infused with an aluminum shield. Compared to a hydronic heated floor system, it doesn’t affect your floor leveling and never raises it. Proper placement ensures optimal heat distribution.

  • Heating mat dimension: 10-100 Sq Ft range
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Easy-to-install Electric Floor Heating System
  • Cable monitor/Alarm
  • Floor Sensor
  • Non-Programmable, easy-to-use thermostat
  • Built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Protection)
  • Impressive intuitive control
  • Safe for Wet locations

    HeatTech Radiant In-Floor system

    If you want the underfloor heating system that lies flat without raising the floors notably, you can opt for this efficient piece. It is suitable for warming tile, Granite, Stone, and Marble floors. No matter if you have forgotten to lay the underfloor heating system, you can install this best radiant heated floor system afterward without creating a mess.

    The kit comes with a sturdy and reliable radiant heating cable on a spool. You can also find an installation manual for quick installation.

    HeatTech electric heated floor system is constructed with the finest quality materials to offer industry-leading performance, no matter the floor height.

    This durable mat offers an easy connection to the thermostat without needing any extra wiring or drilling. Placing wires cable at a minimum of 3” spacing is suggested for optimum heat output. Designed to deliver an unmatched level of comfort!

    • An ideal pick for whole-house heating
    • Fast & easy to install
    • Energy-efficient
    • Honeywell/Aube TH115-AF-120S thermostat
    • Floor sensor
    • Zero Electromagnetic Field
    • Bad customer service
    • Sticky tape defects are common.


    Floor heating not only adds comfort but also cuts down the extra expenses of central heating systems. Buying a quality heating system helps you get rid of cold inside the home. And, yes, it can heat your whole house evenly. A good heating system works more efficiently and ensures the consumer’s safety no matter what type of heating element is embedded.

    If you want your system to heat the floor uniformly without producing any irritating noise, you need to invest in a fine-quality heating system.

    This is all about indoors. If you want to go outdoors, you should buy a good pair of socks, hand warmers, and a rechargeable battery jacket.

    Additional Questions

    What is the most efficient radiant floor heating system?

    When it comes to energy efficiency and supreme functionality, the crown usually goes to Water-heated or hydronic floor heating systems. Particularly ideal for heating large spaces, these systems utilize heated water circulated through a network of pipes embedded in the floor to gently distribute warmth across the entire surface area. By contrast, electric radiant floor heating systems tend to be more effective for ‘spot-heating’ smaller areas, making them fitting choices for places like bathrooms.

    What is the new technology for floor heating?

    In the world of floor heating, the cutting-edge technology that has caught the attention of homeowners and construction professionals alike is radiant heating. Renowned for its efficiency, cleanliness, and economic value, radiant heating operates by circulating heated water through a set of polymer pipes installed either in the floor, wall or ceiling. As the heat slowly radiates from the panel, it warms the surfaces, objects, and air in the room in an even and consistent manner. This creates a comfortable environment that is not just feel-good but is also clean and efficient.

    What is the best heat source for radiant heat?

    For achieving the best and most reliable performance from a radiant heating system, experts often recommend using high-efficiency water heaters over traditional boilers. These heaters provide instantaneous hot water, thereby saving significant amounts of energy through reduced durations of operation. This feature of tankless water heaters not only cuts down on your energy bills but also contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

    What are the disadvantages of radiant floor heating?

    Despite their numerous advantages, radiant floor heating systems are not without their drawbacks. Installation can be quite expensive and time-consuming, particularly if the system is being retrofitted into an existing structure. The complexity of the installation process often requires professional help, which can further escalate costs. Another potential downside is that repairing these systems can be tricky, as access to the embedded network of pipes might require ripping up your flooring. Despite these challenges, many home and business owners find that the benefits of radiant floor heating, such as increased comfort, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, make the investment worthwhile.

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