Adding new fonts to cricut design space app by using Windows pc Android mobile or Iphone

How to Add fonts to Cricut Design Space? quickly & Easily

Here is how to upload fonts to Cricut Design Space:

  • Download the font of your choice.
  • Extract the font files from the zip folder.
  • Install the .ttf or .otf font file.
  • Once the font is set up, launch Cricut Design Space.
  • Create a new project.
  • Insert a new text object.
  • Select the type tool to add a new text field to your Canvas.
  • Finally, click on the font selector in the top toolbar to select the new font.

Ever considered adding your own fonts to Cricut Design Space?

Of course, Design Space offers plenty of free Cricut fonts. However, sometimes you just have to use one of your own fonts, like that Broadley font by Henry Juanda. Fortunately, uploading fonts to Design Space is much easier than you think.

How To Upload New Fonts To Cricut Design Space?

To upload a new font in Design Space, you’ll have to download it first and set it up on your Windows PC, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile. After that, it will be available for you in Cricut Design Space.

Here is how you can download fonts and add your favorite font to Cricut Design Space:

Download the font

You can get fonts from a variety of sources – both free and paid. For instance, you may look at websites such as for free fonts.

I personally like Creative Market and Creative Fabrica for their selection of attractive premium fonts.

The majority of fonts that can be downloaded at no cost come with a personal use license, so they can be used free of charge in personal projects. If, however, you wish to market items created with a certain font, ensure it has a commercial use license.

Before you download a font for Cricut, keep these things in mind:

  1. Make sure it has smooth and solid edges. You will be able to get faster and cleaner cuts through Cricut.
  2. Cricut supports both .ttf and .otf font formats. TTF offers advanced features such as beautification and special characters. I prefer .otf. However .ttf also works perfectly.
  3. Make sure you remember the folder where you are going to download the font files.
Credits: Screenshot taken from Google Fonts Website

Unzip the folder

Once you have downloaded the font files folder. Access it by navigating the file location.

If you are using a Windows computer, right-click and select extract. The files will be unzipped.

If you are using a MacBook, double-click the zipped folder, and it will unzip the files.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can unzip the folder by tapping it twice. An unzipped folder with the same name will be created.

If you have an android phone, open the file manager, select the folder, and select extract from the options.

Screenshot taken from Windows operating system

Install the font

Once you have unzipped the font files folder, right-click the font file, select install, and follow the screen prompt to install it in Windows.

For mac, double-click the font file in the finder window, and click install once the preview window appears.

For iPhone and iPad, open the iFont and choose font finder. Press the install button in order to install fonts. Now navigate to settings and tap profile downloaded, you will be able to see the fonts that you have installed. If it shows a warning, click install to install it again.

You can install the custom fonts on an Android device or tablet by tapping the My Fonts folder, selecting the name of the font, and tapping the install button.

Screenshot: Installing new fonts in Windows

Use in Cricut Design Space

Once you have installed the fonts, open the Cricut Design Space app to use fonts.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Use text layer.
  3. Select the text tool located within the Cricut Design space.
  4. Click the font drop-down menu in the toolbar.
  5. You will be able to see the Cricut system fonts as well as all the fonts installed on your computer or phone. Select your favorite one to use.
Screenshot taken from Cricut Design Space app


How Do I Download Free Fonts For The Cricut App?

You can download the free fonts for the Cricut app from many sources. Here are some of them:

How Do I Get Cricut To Recognize Downloaded Fonts?

Cricut recognizes the fonts automatically. Once you install a font, restart the app so that it can recognize the new fonts.

Why Are Downloaded Fonts Not Showing Up In Cricut?

The downloaded fonts are not showing up because either:

  1. You have not installed the fonts after downloading.
  2. The installation was not successful.
  3. The font flie format is not .ttf or .otf.
  4. You have not restarted the app after installation.

How To Add Fonts To Cricut From Etsy?

Download the font files from Etsy. Unzip and install on your machine. Restart the Cricut app so that it can pull the Esty fonts.

What Are Good Fonts For Cricut Design Space?

  • Wild Hazelnut
  • Apple Juice
  • Palace Calligraphy Font YH
  • Mateo
  • King Crayon

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Cuttable Font?

Any font that has smooth and solid edges is a good cuttable font for all cutting machines including the Cricut and Silhouette. It is because the machines can cut faster and cleaner when a font has smooth and solid edges.

How To Delete Unwanted Fonts From The Design Space?

To delete unwanted fonts from the design space, you have to delete the fonts from your computer or mobile phone. Simply go to File Explorer and type in “shell:fonts. Select the font you want to delete when using Windows.

Furthermore, to delete the font from mac, simply select the font name and click remove. To delete from a mobile device head over to IFonts/My Fonts and remove the font. Finally, restart the Cricut app so that it can detect the changes.

How to add special characters in Cricut Design Space?

To add special characters in Cricut Design Space, you need to download or purchase a font that includes the desired glyphs. Once you have the font, use a character map (such as Microsoft’s “Character Map UWP” on PC or “FontBook” on Mac) to select and copy the desired glyph, then paste it into Cricut Design Space’s text window while the same font is selected.

Can I use cricut fonts for commercial use?

Yes, you can use Cricut fonts for commercial use under the Cricut Angel Policy. The policy allows you to sell up to 10,000 finished projects per year using cuts made with Cricut products designs and images. However, mass production of craft items made with Cricut products is not allowed, and the use of third-party copyrighted designs or images without a proper license is prohibited.

How to unzip fonts?

To unzip fonts, right-click the .zip folder containing the font files, click “Extract”, then select the available TrueType or OpenType font files you want to install and right-click them to click “Install”. If prompted, click “Yes” to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

How to smooth edges in cricut design space on computer?

To smooth edges in Cricut Design Space on a computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open Cricut Design Space and select “New Project” or “My Projects.”
  2. Click “Upload” on the left sidebar, then select “Upload Image” and choose the file from your computer.
  3. Choose the “Simple” option and check the edges of the image.
  4. Edit the image as necessary, then click “Apply & Continue” to compare the cut and print versions of the image.
  5. If the edges are still not clear, select the “Complex” option and adjust the “Reduce Colors” to 2 and “Color Tolerance” to 200.
  6. Upload the image with the new settings.

Remember to choose the “Complex” option and adjust the settings for the best results, and to add a bleed if necessary.

Why is my font not showing up in cricut?

To make a downloaded font appear in Cricut Design Space, you need to extract the font files and then install them on your computer. After installation, refresh Cricut Design Space, and the font should be available for use.

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