upholstery fabric calculator

Upholstery Fabric Calculator

The upholstery fabric calculator helps you determine the fabric yardage for different furniture types.

All you need to do is to select your furniture. The calculator calculates the estimated fabric yardage needed for reupholstering or creating slipcovers, ensuring accurate project planning.

upholstery fabric Chart

Upholstery Fabric Yardage Estimates
Furniture Type Estimated Yardage
6′ Sofas12-13
7′ Sofas14-15
9′ Sofas18-20
Square Ottoman2.5
Round Ottoman3
Skirted Ottoman5.5
Benches (with backs)6
Benches (no backs)3
Dining Chairs0.75-2
Desk Chairs2-4.5
Club Chairs6-8
Club Chairs with Ottomans8-9
Wing Chairs5-7
Basket Chairs5
Barcelona Chair3
Corner Chair6
Parsons Chair (upholstered legs)3
Parsons Chair with Skirt3.5
2 Cushion Loveseat13
4 Cushion Loveseat17
2 Cushion Sofa16
3 Cushion Sofa18
6 Cushion Sofa22
Slipper Chair14
Wing Chair10
Upholstered Headboards – Twin3.5
Upholstered Headboards – Full5.5
Upholstered Headboards – Queen6
Upholstered Headboards – King6.5
Calculator and chart to calculate upholstery fabric
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