Big Shot Sizzix review

Sizzix Big Shot Review – Manual Die-Cutting Machine

Sizzix Big Shot Review
  • Price
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Supported materials
  • Look and feel
  • Cutting force and size


If you are a beginner and looking for a die cutter and embossing machine that can cut materials up to 6 inches, Sizzix BigShot is for you.



  • Cuts out even the most detailed die.
  • Turning is easy.
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy instructions
  • Cuts like a dream
  • It was packed well.
  • Teller shipped quickly.



  • Lack of attention can result in the recoil of the handle hitting your hand.
  • Outdated website


Are you looking for a manual die-cutting machine?

Do you want a machine that can cut and emboss without taking up too much space?

Are you searching for a die cutter compatible with other companies’ dies and folders?

Sizzix Big Shot will be your best friend if your answer is yes.

I needed a manual die cutter badly. However, I was overwhelmed as there were many to choose from.

Then one of my colleagues told me about Sizzix.

I bought it and used it for 10 days.

Here is what I think about this machine.


MaterialWood, Paper
ColorBig Shot Machine Only
Item Dimensions LxWxH16.6 x 11.6 x 9.1 inches
Operation ModeManual
Included Items1 Big Shot Machine, 1 Platform, 1 Thin Die Adapter, and 1 Pair of Standard Cutting Pads
Cutting CapabilityA5-sized opening, can cut and emboss paper, tissue, cardstock, felt, cork, and balsa wood
CompatibilityCompatible with the full Sizzix library, excluding Plus and Pro dies
Print MediaCard stock, Fabric
Product Dimensions16.6 x 11.6 x 9.1 inches
Item Weight10.59 pounds (4801.8 grams)


The Sizzix Big Shot came with all the necessary plates that I needed. I had already bought my favorite dies and embossing folders.

It came with a 1x Big shot machine, 1xcutting pads pair, and 1x 14 1/8″ long extended multipurpose platform. The plates are 8 3/4″ long. I had to purchase extended plates separately to use a longer die.

I used the hex wrench hand screw to attach the handle. This was the only assembly needed.

In short, there is everything in the box so that you can start quickly. However, you will be required to purchase extended plates separately if you plan to use longer dies.


Currently, Sizzix Big Shot is available in just white/grey color.

Designed to complement your decor and appliances, this white color die cutter is easy to use. Moreover, it features a classy ABS plastic exterior. It stands out as a stylish yet versatile setup that can be used for various tasks.

Steel rollers make up the core of this machine. The gears are made of solid steel to cut through seemingly tough materials very well.

The maintenance of the Sizzix is very easy. I found it easy to clean, and I did not need any oil or lubrication.

In short, Big Shot is available in white/grey color, looks solid, and is stylish yet versatile.

Size and weight

The dimension of the product is 13 x 10.3 x 11.1 inches, while the weight is just 9.5 pounds.

It is quite a compact and sturdy machine. However, I was disappointed that its sides do not fold up, which makes it less attractive if portability is your priority,

On a positive note, the additional side space provided me with a great deal of extra workspace. 

It does not feel too heavy to move around, which is great if you plan to work from more than one location.

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Multipurpose Platform

The platform is pretty solid and has hinged tabs. It is made from mylar, steel, POM, and PP plastic.

All pads, including wafer-thin dies, can be used together on this platform. You can find helpful diagrams on the platform to help you choose the right dies and embossing folders.

All pads can be used together on this platform, including wafer-thin dies. Above all, the platform shows you which dies or embossing folders to use and what sheet to use.

Cutting materials

For beginners and experts, this is the perfect die-cutting and embossing machine! It can cut and emboss many materials up to 6″ wide. It has an 8.75×6.125 inches cutting area.

I was able to cut cardstock felt, leather, fabric, foam, chipboard, metallic foil, and vellum. However, the list is very short when comparing it to Cricut, Silhouette, or Scan n Cut.

Even though the Big Shot works with dies from different manufacturers, it is necessary to purchase separate dies and embossing folders.

The machine will accept virtually any folder smaller than 6″.

All Bigz XL 25″, 25′′ and 26′′ Sizzix dies are compatible with the Big Shot if you are quilting. However, you should know that the Big Shot’s opening is 6′′ wide. Go for the Big Shot Pro if you want to use bigger dies. It can give tough competition to Joy or Portrait 3 if you ignore that is a manual die cutter.

This machine can handle a variety of materials. However, I wouldn’t recommend the Big Shot as my top choice if you’re specifically looking for a machine for fabric and felt.


Sizzix is a trusted name, and they stand behind their product. That is why they offer a 3 warranty of 3 years.

I found their customer support to be very helpful and friendly. They answered all the questions I had. So they deserve full marks when it comes to customer support.

In short, the product comes with 3 years warranty, and their support team is very helpful.


The Big Shot scores 4.8 on Amazon which is impressive. The reviewers love that it comes with detailed instructions, a starter kit, is easy to use, makes card making fun, and works great.

Some users pointed out the screw problem. It unscrews after a while. However, Sizzix seems to have solved the problem because I did not face this issue.

It is a perfect machine for cutting perfectly and DIY projects.


It is available in the $90–130 range, depending on the store you choose to buy it from. The price range is good, as everyone, including beginners, can afford it.

My Experience

The package includes a crank machine, a base platform, a thin shim plate, a thick shim plate, and 2 clear cutting plates.

The platform and shim plates have clear instructions. However, be careful not to damage the pressure rollers by forcing the “sandwich”.

The manufacturer suggests rotating the platforms for even wear, but I’ve opted to use only one plate as the base and replace them as needed. Additionally, I plan to use tissue paper in the “sandwich” to reduce wear on the plate while still allowing the machine to cut through my paper.

This machine allows for multiple dies to be cut in one pass and larger embossing folders to fit perfectly. The separate shim plates are convenient and take up less space.

The Big Shot Plus is a bit big for travel, but I highly recommend it to all paper crafters, whether novice or experienced.

I love it!

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How to cut by using Sizzix Big Shot?

Die cutting with big shot

The Big Shot works with all Sizzix products that can fit through the six-inch opening. It comes with the bonus of the extended multipurpose platform. The front of the directions indicates what sandwiches to create depending on what product you’re using.

Getting started requires a few items. Collect them first. You’ll also need materials you want to cut, dies, the Big Shot machine of your choice, and tools like the Paper Sculpting Kit and a glue gun.

So if I’m on tab 2, I will use Thinlits. Let’s take a look at how that works.

To make a Sizzix sandwich, you will start with a cutting pad.

Lay down the surface you want to cut, and then lay your Thinlits die right on top of that.

You can finish your Sizzix sandwich with one more cutting pad, and then you just roll that through the Big Shot Machine.

By turning the handle, feeding your sandwich through the machine, you will find the beautifully cut design on the other side within seconds. Take away your cutting pads and die to reveal your die-cut design.

 Using the Sizzix Die Brush or Die Pick is an effortless way to remove excess paper from an intricate wafer-thin or chemically-etched die.

How to emboss by using the Sizzix Big Shot?

Embossing with Sizzix Big Shot

To emboss using the Big Shot, turn your multipurpose platform to tab number 1.

Grab your embossing folder and put a piece of paper into the folder.

Build the Sizzix sandwich again, starting with one cutting pad, your embossing folder.

I recommend going the hinge side first when rolling this through the Big Shot Machine.

Finish with the second cutting pad. And again, roll this through the Big Shot.

As a result, the pattern has been embossed beautifully on your piece of card stock.

What is the difference between Sizzix BigShot and BigShot Plus?

Both are manual die cutters. The main difference is size and weight. The Big shot plus is bigger with a height of 7.5 inches, a width of 15.75 inches, and a depth of 11.75 inches. It is also heavy, with a total weight of 16 lbs compared to Sizzix BigShot, which is just 9.5 lbs.

Is the Big Shot suitable for everyone?

It is a versatile machine that can be used for various creative projects. This machine cuts intricate shapes and designs in seconds with its 6″ (A5) opening. It is the perfect tool for any crafter, from the beginner to the expert, with hundreds of designs in the Sizzix product library.

Can the Big Shot be used with Sizzix products?

The Big Shot machine and its accompanying dies or folders can work with most Sizzix products, except for dies and embossing folders wider than 6″ (A5). The Big Shot delivers sophisticated creativity thanks to its ability to die-cut and emboss various materials, including card stock, matboard, and leather.

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