Power Press Heat Press Review – The Best Industrial Machine?

PowerPress Heat press review
  • Price
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  • Safety
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Powerpress heat press review

With a wide range of supported material, good size, safety features, and good results, powerpress heat press is a good industrial quality heat press for all of your projects.

You must have come across the word Power Press. This brand manufactures one of the best quality, durable, and stylish heat press machines.

For years, it has been receiving positive feedbacks because of its high standards, feasible machines, and versatile products.

If you ever need a user-friendly and strongly built heat press, never look beyond Power Press. They have everything you need for your art & craft projects, whether being a professional, starter, or hobbyist. They supply separate Teflon sheets, silicon pads, vinyl bundles for heat transfer, and related accessories. The best part is their 5 in 1 and 8 in 1 multifunctional heat press machines.

Power Press 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine Review

Machine type

This black heat press machine is designed in a classic swing-away design. It is professionally styled, ensuring the best quality and highly functional swinging arm. It provides safety and feasibility with its 30-degree rotation. 

On the other hand, it takes excessive space, making it unsuitable for smaller workspaces. It runs electronically, not manually. 

This heat press falls into the sublimation Heat Press Machine type category – an ideal pick for smooth, striking, and lasting results. 


Compact? Not really. 

Travel friendly? Absolutely.

It measures 15×15 Inches that sound big enough to press huge shirts as well as small ones. It has a satisfactorily large surface for heating and pressing. You can place your material and designs with ease. But, if you are short on space, you might want to skip this item and choose a smaller one. 

Powepress heat press machine is sturdy and huge
Powepress heat press machine is sturdy and huge

Display -Temperature, pressure, and time

Yes, it has an easy-to-understand and manageable LCD control board. It lets you choose the desired temperature and time. It doesn’t show pressure or allows you to set it. 

Pressure is also adjustable and needs to be set by rotating knobs. Fully digital temperature and time control are what make it a good pick for everyday and professional use.

It comes with a temperature range of up to 750 F. This heat level is suitable for almost every other material making it a multipurpose machine. The maximum limit is 999 seconds. To ensure the safety, the timer is supported with an intuitive alarm that beeps on time completion. 

It offers quick and easy parameter settings. Another distinctive spec is its integrated electric control system that promotes easy adjusting and maintenance.

Build quality

The build quality of this item is impressive. It is manufactured with the finest quality material, ensuring long-lasting performance. The framework seems pretty stout. Apart from the body, every material used reflects industrial-grade quality and strength. 

For instance, its silicon pad can tolerate up to 350-degree without causing any distortion. The handle has anti-slip properties for an improved grip. The pressure adjustment knob is sturdy.

Powepress build quality
Powepress build quality

Supported Materials

Is it multifunction? Absolutely yes!

It is one machine that can be used for transferring designs on any material, anytime and anywhere. You are welcomed to customize your t-shirts or sweatshirts, mousepads, coasters, ceramic tiles, and so much more!

This machine seems compatible and safe for nearly every other fabric as its sheets are Teflon coated. It never scorches or burns, not even get overheated while using any specific material. Although you need to be extra careful with glass and certain fabrics, it will work efficiently.

Powerpress heat press results
Powerpress heat press results

Customer reviews

The users found it a safe machine in terms of overheating and electric fuse issues. As per the reviews, customers are satisfied with the quality, construction, and easy cleanup. And, yes, they appreciate the addition of the Teflon sheet. 

The safety feature of the Signal Indicator is one of the most valued features. It offers the precise time set up that is required by the users. The silicon mat is also washable and replaceable.

Powerpress customer reviews
Powerpress customer reviews

Pros and cons

  • Has an appealing and stylish appearance
  • Dual electric system protection
  • Durable Silicone Gel Base Board
  • Replaceable Fuse
  • PTFE coating
  • Teflon coated heating plate
  • Harmless to the cloth
  • All it needs is a maximum of 15 minutes to heat up
  • Good at placing the substrate just right without getting burnt
  • Temperature Monitoring Chip
  • It might be a bit expensive in comparison to other heat presses
  • The highest temperature point is low

How to use power press heat press?

  • Turn on your Powerpress
  • Set your temperature and time
  • Choose pressure by using the knob. 
  • Wait for the heat press to warm up
  • Place the design and substrate
  • Once all set in place, close the lid
  • Wait for the alarm to beep 

How to keep my power heat press closed?

Usually, it is closed automatically once the alarm beeps and the timer goes off. Or else, you need to plug it off from the direct electric supply. Besides, if the heat press is not shutting off during use, check if it has a loose connection.

How to change the temperature on a power heat press?

Since Powerpress has digital temperature controls, you have to reset the readings and then choose the desired temperature.

How to change pressure on power heat press?

For pressure, you are provided with the knobs. Pressure is 100% adjustable. Reading the manual, you will understand whether you have to rotate clockwise or anticlockwise for increasing pressure.

To check if you have the right pressure setting, you must keep a paper hanging at the edge of the machine, and once closed, try pulling it. If it moves, the pressure is low.

Are power press heat machines good?

Yes, Power Press has a pretty economical and highly durable collection of multipurpose heat press machines. It ensures good value for money. Loaded with advanced features, it is a worth-investing brand. It helps you in creating really fun t-shirts as well as giftware.

My wife even used Powerpress as a hair straightener!!!!!!

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