Lenz heated socks review

A Honest Review Of Lenz Heated Socks (2023)

Today, I am going to talk about the Functional pair of heated socks that I bought recently, and I am GLAD that I did!

Shopping for an item that is worth plenty of dollars needs to be done keenly and cautiously. I had done my part when I purchased these socks for winter to come. Socks are the necessity of time as they keep your toes warm and cozy, safe from cold. Spending winter without socks sounds strange, and spending winter without having a pair of heated socks sounds equally devastating.

How could you not crave the coziness of hated socks whenever you hit the road for work or go out for recreational activities?!

Lenz heated socks review

I used to think of heated socks as a waste of money, but now I appreciate all who made me do it. Buying these socks has made my life and job easier. No matter how chilly it is outdoors, I do not worry about catching a cold. The socks keep me safe.


In its making, multiple fabrics and quality materials are used. But that is not important. What is important is its mixture of fabrics that seem to be perfectly balanced. Once you have used it, you would love its softness, flexibility, strength, durability, and moveability. All credit goes to the ideal proportions of several materials. As the company claims, it has:

  • 49% Polyester
  • 29% Nylon
  • 10% Polypropylene
  • 7% Merino Wool
  • 5% Spandex

Now, you see! It has everything that is required to make a pair of heated gloves warm, cozy and stretchable.

Apart from cold, it is declared 100% safe for daily use, even in water and snow.

Batteries and charging

The lithium packs (batteries) are easy to attach and recharge.  They keep the gloves running for a longer time giving ideal warmth to your hands. For charging, it comes equipped with USB ports. They have indicators to inform you whether you have your battery falling or full.

I have been there when I always used to find myself running in chaos so I won’t get late to the office but now, even if I am getting late, I can get my socks charged as it takes minimum time for charging. Quick and easy!

Lenz heated socks reviews
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Heat panels

In the market, you will come across multiple heated socks, so why did I purchase these? Because they are built differently. Unlike many other socks that can either heat toes or soles, it heats up the whole. The company has infused it with high-quality, efficient, and powerful heating elements that cover the toe area entirely and heat it evenly. The balls of the foot are also heated along. See how efficient they are!

Apart from outdoor use, it can help ease the pain of joints in patients suffering from Raynaud’s, especially if you have gotten highly intolerant to cold.


The first thing I noticed was its classic and timeless design. The unique padding is the biggest plus. After all, you need not only warm socks but also that comforts your walking. It will take care of your comfort, don’t worry. On the lithium pack, you will get three temperatures. Choose according to your need and outside temperature. The controls are straightforward and manageable.

Oh, wait, have you ever found a pair of heated socks that has Bluetooth connection availability? Well, now you have! You can continuously regulate or monitor its heating remotely via smartphone by using the Lenz heat app.

With personal experience, I would advise you to set the gloves at a low temperature to make the battery last longer. And don’t forget to utilize the interval setting to give the necessary rest to the batteries. Ten minutes to 20 minutes sounds reasonable.

Are you struggling to make a decision between heated socks and heated insoles? Here is a detailed comparison of heated socks and insoles.

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What I like?

  • Rechargeable batteries – 2 lithium packs
  • One global USB charger (100-240 V)
  • USB charging cable with charging indicator
  • Bluetooth smart ready
  • Ergonomically knitted
  • The integrated heating element of the latest generation (refined and advanced)
  • Padding on the exposed parts
  • Additional shin protector
  • Optimal moisture transportation
  • Ring bandages for optimum support on the foot
  • LED system
  • Three heat settings
  • The press studs on the leg-band
  • Heat development up to 14 hrs.
  • Machine Washable
  • Short charging time

What needs to be improved?

  • The batteries feel a bit heavy
  • Tricky to wear with tight-fitting boots or skinny jeans

Do I recommend Lenz heated socks?

Well, now your days of agony caused due to frostbites or cold feet are numbered. Lenz has revolutionized the sock game for winter. I would recommend everyone to buy this fantastic USB chargeable lithium battery-operated sock. Surrounding your toes keeps your feet warm and cozy even if you have been outside all day.

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Additional Questions

What tops the list for the best heated socks on the market?

Without a doubt, the Lenz Battery Heated Socks reap the top spot as the highest-quality and the most effective electric foot warmers available. They are developed with the advanced technology of rechargeable lithium batteries which promises warmth for more extensive durations. As verified by my own experience, on their lowest setting, they can retain their charge and keep your feet toasty for as long as 14 grueling hours. They’ve been my savior during all-day ski sessions, ensuring I never once had to grapple with the discomfort of frozen toes.

How enduring is the warmth from Lenz heated socks?

The Lenz Battery Heated Socks have an impressive stamina in terms of keeping your feet warm. They can stay continuously powered for up to 14 hours on a low setting, thanks to the top-notch rechargeable lithium batteries they use. From my personal skiing anecdotes, Lenz socks have shielded my feet from the biting cold, from dawn till dusks at skiing slopes, without compromising on comfort. So, if you’re someone with adventurous spirit who spends long hours braving the cold during winter activities, these socks are a reliable companion.

What differentiates Lenz heated socks 5 from version 6?

If you look into it, you’ll find some distinct differences between the Lenz heated socks versions 5.0 and 6.0. For instance, the 6.0 model boasts a significantly higher wool content (40%) as compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, it’s designed to be thinner and more compressive, ensuring better fit and comfort. What’s particularly exciting about the version 6.0 is, it has a novel toe cap feature for heating, an addition that had just started to appear in version 5.0. It’s certainly proof that Lenz is continually improving their designs to ensure their heated socks are the best you can get.

Are heated socks a valuable investment?

Upfront, heated socks may appear as a fancy, expensive accessory compared to standard socks, and you might be wondering if they’re worth the investment. From my experience, they definitely are, especially if you’re someone who constantly finds themselves dealing with cold feet, or spends considerable time in outdoor winter activities. Some high-end versions of heated socks are competitively priced, matching up to the cost of high-quality ski socks. All in all, the comfort and warmth these heated socks offer could very well justify their cost, making them a worthy purchase for a warm and enjoyable winter experience.

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