How to wash and take care of DTG printed t-shirts?

DTG offers so many design options. You can get high-quality prints through DTG in no time. However, it requires delicate wash and thorough aftercare.

All you need to do is to follow our instructions. Here is how to wash DTG printed t-shirts.

Use a washing machine

Never wash your t-shirts with DTG prints by hand. The printed graphics can fade and even it can be removed if you scrub harshly. Moreover, it will not take a lot of time.

Always you a washing machine. Use the gentle spinning option and keep it gentle or delicate to avoid any damage.

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Avoid harsh washing powders, bleach, and detergents

Potent washing powders, liquids, or soaps can destroy your prints in no time. Avoid harsh chemical detergents. Use gentle washing powders. I possible, opt for eco-friendly washing powders or soaps. Moreover, it is also a good idea to avoid fabric softeners and bleach to keep the embroidery safe.

Do not use hot water

Hot water can quickly fade the color ad shrink the DTG printed garment as well as those printed through screen printing. Cold water keeps the t-shirt vibrant and it does not change the quality of the fabric. Furthermore, the best temperature for DTG printed shirts is 85°F-90°.

Turn the DTG printed t-shirts inside out before washing

It is a good idea to turn the direct to garment printed t-shirt inside out before you wash it. This is a form of pretreatment that will help you avoid direct contact between the harsh washing chemicals and the printed design. It also keeps your t-shirt color safe. Moreover, it is also a good idea to read the instructions carefully offered by the fabric manufacturer.

Air dry after washing your DTG printed shirts

Do not use a dryer. Keep the shirt inside out after washing and air dry it under shade. Direct sunlight can fade, crack, or peel the printed designs. Since water-based inks are used in DTG, your designs will not look the same anymore.

If there is no option except to use the tumbler dryer, keep the settings to low temperature and gentle cycles.


Use only cool ironing

If you want to iron the DTG-printed fabrics, always use the cool ironing method. Keep the shirt inside out, place a piece of cloth in between and use the iron at a low heat setting.


DTG printing requires a lot of time and effort. Your effort to create the perfect design requires the best aftercare in the best way possible.

To summarize, you should know how to take care of your DTG prints. The washing and care instructions include using a washing machine, avoiding harsh chemicals, washing inside out, skipping the tumble dryers, avoiding direct sunlight, and using the cool ironing method.

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