how to use heated eyelash curler

How to use heated eyelash curler?

Do you have straight lashes naturally? You might have tried everything from mascara formulas to mascara wands to go for fabulous curly lashes. It’s time for you to go for a heated eyelash curler. This wonderful little heated gadget is what you might have been looking for. We will discuss what it is and how to use heated eyelash curler daily.

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What are heated eyelash curlers?

A heated eyelash curler is an eyelash curler that comes with heat settings like your curling iron.

Using heat on your eye might seem scary at first, but remember that using heat on your hair or skin has similar reasons. 

If you want your lashes to look long-lastingly curled, some heat can be helpful. 

With a heated tip, it looks like a wand, not like a traditional eyelash curler. Because there’s no clamp, there are also no pinches or crimps.

Some heated eyelash curlers also work as heated eyelash straighteners.

How does a heated eyelash curler work?

There’s no clamp on the heated curler-you push it against your lashes for a few seconds. In addition to heating the mascara, it allows for more bends that are then secured after the mascara hardens.

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Do you need a heated lash curler?

Heated lash curlers are completely safe when used correctly. A heated eyelash curler is recommended for people who have naturally straight lashes and find it challenging to maintain a curled appearance. Using a lash curler will not only extend the curl but also make it more defined.

Using a heated lash curler can also help straighten out your curly lashes.

How to use heated eyelash curler?

Prepare your lashes for curling.

To remove makeup and impurities, soak a clean cotton pad with a cleanser and gently dab it over your eyes for few seconds. Let your lashes completely dry for a few minutes.

Turn on the heated lash curler and wait.

Make sure your heated eyelash curler is heated for a few minutes before you use it. Make sure that the temperature of your heated eyelash curler is correct. Moreover, feel the temperature of the comb on your fingertips and adjust as necessary. The temperatures of some heated eyelash curlers differ, but others have a safe temperature that’s set.

Use the heated curler properly.

Put the heated comb-tip toward the base of your lashes. To curl your eyelashes, gently push them toward your lid at the halfway point. Keep holding for five seconds. Once this is done, gently press down on your lash tip with the comb. Then repeat the process on the other side and until the desired curl is achieved.

Use Mascara for some boost.

After curling your lashes with a hot eyelash curler, apply a few coats of mascara to give them a volume and length boost.

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Heated eyelash curler before and after

The pictures below show before and after scenes of using a heated eyelash curler.

heated eyelash curler before and after

Here is the heated eyelash curler demo video.

How to use a heated eyelash curler

How to clean eyelash curler?

In a bowl of water, mix 2-3 drops of washing up liquid. Soak the kitchen paper in some water, then wring it out so that it is damp but not dripping. Now, remove all makeup remover residue and any remaining makeup from the eyelash curler by wiping the entire curler.

We learned how to use a heated eyelash curler.

If you suffer from arthritis, Don’t forget to wear compression gloves.

Additional Questions

When should I use a heated eyelash curler in relation to applying mascara?

It is essential to curl your eyelashes before you apply the mascara, not after it. The reason behind this is that curling your lashes post mascara application can not only dirty your lash curler with the product but also prove harmful for your lashes. Since mascara hardens your lashes, curling them in this state could cause them to break or crack. Imagine curling a piece of paper; it’s much easier and smoother when the paper is soft, as compared to when it’s hard and stiff. The same logic applies to your lashes – the softer and more supple they are (before mascara application), the better and safer the curling process will be. It’s just like when I started doing my own makeup, and my aunt, who’s a professional makeup artist, gave me this tip. It has served me well ever since!

Are there specific timing instructions for using a heated eyelash curler?

If you have never used a heated eyelash curler before, it’s quite similar to using a traditional one, just with an added element of heat. The key to using one effectively is to hold it at the base of your upper eyelash for about three seconds, then gradually work your way upwards until you reach the tip of the lashes. Once you’re at the tip, press the lash with the wire part of the curler for another three seconds to set the curl in place. A friend of mine tried using one for the first time without knowing this and ended up with a rather dramatic curl at the very base but less so at the tips. Her lashes looked a bit like a right angle, which was not the most flattering look! So, from personal experience, it really helps to follow these timing instructions diligently.

Is a heated eyelash curler safe to use?

Just like a hair straightener, blowdryer, or curling iron, a heated eyelash curler can have potential damaging effects if misused. But, rest assured, when used correctly and in moderation, a heated eyelash curler will not cause your lashes any harm. Too much heat or too frequent use, however, could potentially be harmful. Always remember to treat your lashes with the same care and respect you’d treat your hair. Keeping this in mind, I like to remind myself of the time my sister used an eyelash curler every single day at maximum heat for a month, and her lashes became brittle and few fell out. Since then, we’ve both learned to be more cautious about our beauty routines. So remember, less is always more when it comes to heat applicators for your hair, be it on your scalp or your eyelids.

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