How to use Cricut explore air 2? ( Step by Step Guide)

Welcome to this Cricut Explore Air 2 tutorial. Today, I will explain how to use Cricut Explore Air 2.

You’ll need the adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, Cricut Explore Air 2 machine, a light grip mat by Cricut, Laptop/pc, and internet access.

Download Cricut Design Space

Go to the Cricut website and download the Cricut Design software by keeping in mind your computer’s operating system. 

Downloading design space software for windows

Open the program and start a new project

Once you open the program and click on design, it will take you to design options.

Click on the new project, and then you can play around with the settings.

Creating a new project in design space

If you don’t have the Cricut subscription, go to the filter and click on free if you don’t want to pay for anything.

Look for a design to use with software to cut out with this machine.

I’m going to type in shark just because that’s a cool design that I like to use, and I’m going to add that to the design space.

 Edit it a little bit to make it larger. You can also add some text if you want.

I selected the shark image and added some text by using design space

You can play around with almost anything.

 You can upload images and look at all the different free tools they have available.

Once your design is ready, click on ‘Make it’. It is located at the top right.

It will set up the software and be ready to cut the design.

Connect and set up your Explore Air 2 machine

Before you connect your Cricut machine, make sure you turn it on.

Now, you’re going to open it up to set up the stage.  

Once you have all this setup, you’ll take whatever vinyl color you want to put on your Cricut mat. Make sure it’s nice and flush onto the mat that is sticking up or doesn’t have any bubbles so they can cut pretty easily. 

Connecting and setting up explore air 2

I like to use a squeegee that comes with the transfer tape roll. You should make sure that it sits up against rubber rolls so that it can feed into the machine.

Click the Cricut button and start cutting

Click the little button and your Cricut machine. It is going to be ready to go. Once you have it all ready to go, click on the little Cricut button on your Cricut Explore Air 2, and it’s going to feed into the machine and start cutting your design that you set up on design space. 

This will take a little bit longer. A little while, you will be able to have the option actually to make it cut faster.

Clicking the cricut button to start cutting

You can close your laptop as you do not need that again.

Weed the excess vinyl

Now, you need to weed the vinyl. You can use a weeding tool for this purpose. Weed out all the excess vinyl that you don’t need.

Weeding the excessive vinyl

Flip it around and use the transfer tape

Now, you need to get ready to transfer the vinyl to whatever surface you want to transfer it to.

Flip it around and use the transfer tape. This will act as a medium. It will stick to your design and pull it off the adhesive vinyl, but it will not stay on the surface.

You can use the squeegee and make sure the transfer tape sticks to the final. Then you need to pull it up.

This part can be a little bit tedious. You need to make sure it all sticks to your transfer tape.

Adding the transfer tape

Put it on the desired object 

Once you have nicely set up everything. Put it on whatever object you want to. 

Lay it down with a nice and flat squeegee over it. Ensure the vinyl is sticking, and then pull off the transfer tape leaving the adhesive vinyl on your project.

Adding the design on the object

Remember that, Cricut Explorer is the bigger brother of Cricut Joy and younger brother of Cricut Maker. So, it comes limitations like cutting force and size.

I hope you learned how to use Cricut Explore 2. If you have questions, you can ask in the comments sections.

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