How to clean Cricut mat

How to clean the Cricut mat? Make it sticky again

We all want to save a little money, and sparing the expense of a few replacement mats isn’t such a bad thing. Read this article for some helpful tips on cleaning your Cricut mat and keeping it sticky for as long as possible.

How to clean cricut mat?

You can clean the cricut mat by using the cricut scraper tool, lint roller, baby wipes, dish soap, awesome spray, or rubbing alcohol.

Use the Cricut scraper tool.

Use the Cricut plastic scraper to clear away large amounts of vinyl or debris. The XL scraper is good for this job. Gently pull back and forth across your cutting mat. The scraper should dislodge any small pieces not removed during the production process.

Xl Cricut Scraper to clean mat

Make use of the lint roller.

You can use a lint roller to pick up small pieces left on a mat after using a Cricut machine. To use, roll the lint roller over the mat’s surface carefully; you can also use it to collect small paper or glitter pieces.

Try Baby wipes.

Cricut mats are made to be easy to wipe clean. Just use some baby wipes in a circular motion to clean it. If the mat is very dirty, you may need 2 or 3 wipes. Remember that the pressure has to be gentle. You should always let air dry the mat before using the baby wipes.

We recommend cleaning cricut mat with Clorox wipes.

Apply some Dish Soap

You can clean your Cricut mat with dish soap and warm water. Layout the mat on your counter, then pour your soap mixture on top of it. I recommend that you rinse your mat with warm water and dish soap. Scrub the surface in a circular direction and then air dry before using. Choose a mild dish soap and start using the scraper tool to remove any leftover materials.

Cleaning cricut mat with dishwasher

Buy Awesome Spray

Cleaning your mat might take a little extra effort. Many great options are available, but one of the most popular is LA’s Totally Awesome spray. You can find it at most dollar stores or on Amazon.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online about this solution. Some people say it’s really good, while others say it doesn’t work. However, it always worked for me!

If you are going to clean the mat with this spray, let it sit for five to ten minutes. Wipe it down with a squeegee or a scraper and use very light pressure, so you don’t damage the mat. Rinse the mat off in the water and lay it flat to dry.

Play with Goo Gone.

I recommend using Goo Gone; it’s an adhesive remover that I’m sure you’ve heard of. It has been used effectively again and again by the Cricut and crafting community!

Take advantage of Rubbing alcohol.

Mix rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropyl) with water in a spray bottle. Spray the surface, then wipe clean.

Once your Cricut Mat is clean, it’s time to hang it up to dry. A towel or paper would not be a good idea as you will find bits stuck on the mat. Wait for at least 30 minutes for the mat to be completely dry before using it again.

If you want to make the Cricut mat sticky again, Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Use your scraper to remove dirt, debris, or any leftover items. Then clean the mat with soap and water or baby wipes.
  2. Once the mat is clean, mark off the borders to prepare it for applying a new adhesive. Use masking or blue painter’s tape to protect the outer border where the rollers touch the mat.
  3. Many people recommend using Spray n Bond Basting Adhesive. This option is cheap and temporary, but it allows for easy resticking. Apply the new adhesive to your Cricut mat. Follow instructions on the back of the product to apply the adhesive to your mat. Let it dry for about 20 minutes before proceeding with the cutting process.


How to remove paper from cricut mat?

To remove paper from a Cricut mat, use a tool kit or household products such as a metal spatula. Place the mat/paper on a flat surface and gently use the spatula to lift up the paper. You can also use an old T-shirt to dab the mat, and to get all those little bits of paper off, use an old gift or credit card to scrape them off. Additionally, washing your mat in warm soapy water using a mild detergent can help remove any leftover residue.

Remember, it is recommended to use a smaller piece of paper or cardstock on the Cricut mat, and save a new mat for cardstock.

How to place vinyl on cricut mat?

To place vinyl on a Cricut mat, position the vinyl with the paper liner facing the mat and in the upper left corner. Make sure it is slightly larger than your design, select the vinyl material on your machine, insert the fine point blade, and load the mat. After cutting, remove excess vinyl, weed the design, and use transfer tape to apply the vinyl.

How to make cricut cutting mat sticky again?

To make your Cricut cutting mat sticky again, clean it after every two to four cuts using lukewarm water, a plastic, hard-bristled brush, and a paper towel to pat it dry. Let it air dry completely before using it again.

If the mat begins to lose its stickiness, it Is time to replace it.

Avoid using adhesive sprays as it’s not recommended by Cricut and can damage your machine.

can I wash my cricut mat?

Yes, you can wash your Cricut mat, but you have to be careful with what you use to clean it. The best way to clean a Cricut mat is to use a gentle cleaning solution, such as alcohol-free baby wipes or a mixture of water and a few drops of dish soap, and a scraper tool to remove any remaining debris.

Clean your mat after 2-4 cuts, depending on the materials you use, and replace the plastic protective sheet to keep it clean between uses.

How to clean my cricut machine?

To clean your Cricut machine, disconnect it from power, and use a soft, clean cloth sprayed with glass cleaner to wipe plastic surfaces. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the machine or use acetone. Wipe dust or paper particles with a soft cloth, and gently remove grease build-up on the carriage shaft with a cotton swab or soft cloth.

How long does cricut mat last?

A Cricut mat typically lasts for 40-50 uses before it starts to wear out.

Additional Questions

How do I make my Cricut Mat sticky again?

Getting your Cricut mat to regain its stickiness involves a few simple steps. First, scrape off the leftover materials from the mat using a plastic scraper. Subsequently, use warm soapy water to clean the mat, using a soft brush for scrubbing. Ensure you rinse the soap off thoroughly and let the mat air dry before the stickiness returns. Using a mild adhesive spray can also add a new layer of adhesion. However, only resort to this after making sure it doesn’t void your warranty or damage your materials during cutting.

What adhesive can I use to make my Cricut mat sticky again?

There are several adhesives you can use to re-stick your Cricut mat, such as Zig two-way glue, basting spray, or spray n bond. However, it’s crucial to choose an adhesive that doesn’t interfere with the operation of the machine or damage the materials you’re cutting. Also, some Cricut users prefer to use a repositionable adhesive spray because it allows you to easily adjust projects on the mat without causing a permanent stick. Lastly, always remember to test a small section of the mat before applying the adhesive fully, to ensure it doesn’t damage the mat.

How do I clean my Cricut mat and Restick?

Cleaning and re-sticking your Cricut mat is a simple process. Begin by removing excess material from the mat using the plastic scraper included in most Cricut tool kits. Then, use warm soapy water and a soft brush to gently scrub the mat. Rinse the mat thoroughly to ensure all soap residue is washed away. Let the mat air dry to regain its stickiness. For an added layer of adhesion, you can use a repositionable adhesive spray, but make sure it doesn’t void your warranty or damage your materials.

How do you make Cricut mat sticky again with Dawn?

Dawn dish soap is quite popular in renewing stickiness of a Cricut mat due to its degreasing properties. To do this, add a few drops of Dawn in a basin filled with warm water, then place your Cricut mat in this mixture. Allow it to soak for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, use a soft brush to gently scrub the mat and get rid of accrued debris. Rinse off the soap thoroughly and let the mat air dry completely. Generally, the adhesive on the mat automatically rejuvenates when cleaned this way, restoring the mat’s stickiness.

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