How long Cricut blades last and when to change

How long do Cricut blades last? When to change them?

One of our readers asked us; When should I replace my Cricut blade? How often should they be replaced.? This guide answers the question comprehensively.

The Cricut blade is one of the most important parts of the machine. It cuts and scores designs and is fundamental to a fast production line.

The Cricut blades can last from 9 to 14 months, depending on usage. It’s important to swap out your blade at least once every 9-12 months. The more often you clean them, the longer they’ll last. It’s also a good idea to have multiple blades for different materials so you don’t use the wrong one or have to switch between them all the time.

Why does my Cricut blade go dull?

Cricut blades can go dull for several reasons, some of which are easy to fix and some rather complex.

Using a single blade for different materials

One way that Cricut blades might get dull is when you use them on a variety of materials. Different materials require different levels of sharpness to cut correctly.

For example, fabric scissors are best for fabric and cannot be used on most paper. Paper can be hand-cut, which doesn’t require too much sharpness.

If you use paper on a blade and then try to cut fabric, the blade will lose some of its sharpness and be unable to make clean cuts after a while.

Cricut blades types

Cutting wrong materials

One of the reasons your blade might be dull is that you are using it on the wrong materials. For example, some blades are designed to work better with specific materials.

You should remember that every Cricut machine has limitations. For example, Cricut Joy can cut just 50 materials and Maker can cut 300+ materials. Moreover, Explore Air can cut 100 types of materials.

How to identify the best time to replace Cricut blades?

There may be some signs that you’re already aware of, and one of them might have happened and led you to search for a solution. Here are some signs that you need to change the blade:

Improper cuts

Over time, the blade becomes dull and can’t cut well. This will also cause it to ruin designs and generally make a mess. This is the right time to change the blade.

Our handheld bladeless fan has had a couple of hiccups we weren’t expecting. It doesn’t always mean the blade is to blame, first try cleaning it with a makeshift ball of tin foil.

I’ve found that it just doesn’t do what I was trying to do a few times. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the blade. Try cleaning your blade in a tin foil ball first.

Altering the tension settings in your Cricut machine might help with your situation.

Struggle with certain materials

Blades can wear down over time, and while they might still perform well on some materials, they may not be suited to others. Minor nicks and scratches can even out the blade and cause it to perform less effectively on certain materials.

Groaning style sound

Your machine may have a groaning type sound during use. I have heard this a few times and ignored it, but then I thought about how the blade might be struggling to get through the cut if it is dull and so might be struggling to make progress.

How to keep the Cricut blades sharp?

Cut tin foil

Place a sheet of tinfoil on top of your mat, cut through it, and make sure you don’t cut the mat. Pick any design. Remember to adjust the tension and do not cut too deep.

Sharpening cricut blade with the tin foil

Sharpen and clean regularly

Remove the housing from the machine. Take out the blade and stab it into a ball of tin foil a few times. This will help scrape off any remaining fibers, vinyl, glue, and should sharpen the blade as you go. Do this for several minutes.

Use material-specific blades

If you use a range of materials for your projects, it’s worth having blades specific to each one. This way, you don’t risk the blade getting dull or picking up any glue or fiber. Colour code them, so you know what they’re for.

How to change the Cricut blade?

Changing the cricut blade

First, you will need to remove the blade housing from the cutting machine to change the blade. Next, take out the old blade. When you purchase your replacement blades, they will come with a safety cap to avoid accidentally cutting yourself on them.

Remove the old blade when you have the changing cap in place by turning it anticlockwise. Be sure not to touch the old one.

To insert the new blade, drop it into the housing. It should drop in. Once you position the new blade correctly, put the safety cap over it, then turn it clockwise. The sleeve will secure it by pressing on its shoulders and along its shaft. You can now remove the changing cap.


The Cricut blades can last from 9 to 14 months. It would be best to change the blade every 9-12 months. Cleaning regularly and using the right blades for different materials will result in longer life of the blades. If you want to change the blade make sure you follow the proper procedure.

It is best to buy a machine by keeping in mind your requirements. So that you don’t have to struggle with the blades more often. Here is our list of cutters for home and cutters for printing business.

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