ephotoinc heat press review

Ephotoinc 15×15 Swing Away Heat Press Machine Review

  • Price
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Supported materials


Ephotoinc heat press is compact, offers precise digtial controls, and is great for flat surface materlias like t-shirts, mats, ceramic tile, etc. It’s the best option for professional and home use.





  • Ideal for people who are short on money as it is budget-friendly
  • Starters and intermediate level users can easily use it
    It appears in a minimalistic layout making it compact and suitable for smaller spaces
  • The clamshell is one practical design
  • The most significant advantage is the refined and latest digital LCD control.
  • High quality heat platen and reliable silicone padding.
  • Easy installation and needs no time for assembling
  • It is feasible and requires no skills to be operated as it has very few complicated moving parts
  • The use of industrial-grade plastics and metal
  • The machine is sturdily designed and created to last years.



  • Being compact means, it has lesser heating and pressing surface
  • Cannot work on curved surfaced items
  • More chances of accidental burns as the heating element is exposed, unlike swing-away design.
  • The control panel for temp and time is located on a side instead of in the center, making it sometimes difficult to access.
  • The alarm beeping is a bit too loud.


Whenever it comes to the point where you plan on buying lights, heat press machines, or any photographic accessory, you must never overlook Ephotoinc.

It is one name that doesn’t need a formal introduction as everyone is well aware of its authentic, durable, and stylish products.

Located in Hayward, CA, this store offers the best quality photo and video tools that make life and the job easier for photographers and photography students.

Their vast collection includes continuous lighting, green screens, background stands, multiple muslin backgrounds, tons of photographic equipment (a passport cutter, a studio light kit, light brackets, umbrella holders, a grow light bulb, etc.), and heat presses in both the clamshell and swing-away styles.

They manufacture each item with premium materials offering long-lasting performance.

Heat presses are available in multiple sizes for multiple purposes. You can order silicon pads separately. Most of them have sublimation heat presses designed to help you get a professional-quality result on t-shirts. They have versatility and comfortability to offer.

You can purchase any of their press without breaking the bank. Once purchased, you might never feel the need to buy any other heat press in your life again.

I bought Photoinc Swing away 15×15 in January. I used it for 10 days before writing this review. Here is what I found in my analysis.

Ephotoinc heat press review


ColorGreen and Black
Item Weight50 Pounds
Voltage110 Volts
Temperature Range0~500°F
Time Range0~999 second
Printing Area15″ x 15″
Packing Size28″ x 19″ x 19″

Machine type

This is one of their top-rated heat press machines that is designed in a swing away layout. Because it is a clamshell, it has a small footprint and takes up less space. It will be able to complete tasks even in tighter quarters.

It is a sublimation heat press that is best suited for transferring prints onto T-shirts. This machine comes with loads of digital features, and it runs automatically or digitally. The best part, after all, is that who would like to waste time and effort on manual machine types?

Being a sublimation machine, it can provide you with more detailed, highquality images. Besides, when you link it with a sublimation printer, you will have the liberty to play with various colors.

With this heat press, you are welcome to transfer highly layered and complex designs. The print you will produce will ensure durability.


It is a 15” x 15” swing away heat press machine. This medium-sized heat press can fit small workspaces and still work efficiently. You can easily carry and store it anywhere and anytime.

This compact press machine will cover small ground leaving you enough space for other tools. Despite being compact, it is a good option for industrial, professional, and personal uses.

Digital Display – Temperature, pressure, and time

As far as the display is concerned, it is well-structured and understandable. Yes, it has an LCD that helps to maintain and set temperature and time. It comes fully equipped with an advanced digital temperature and time display controller, allowing for more precise settings.

It has a temperature range of up to 500 °F, whereas you can set a timer for a maximum of 999 seconds. The timer is linked with an audible alarm for safety purposes.

This ePhotoInc Heat Press machine is simple to operate. The credit goes to the electronic time and heat control, which uses special programming to make sure that the results are always the same.

Aside from temperature, you can easily set the pressure by turning the knob on top. Its temperature range is suitable for all materials, leaving no chance of burning or scorching. It works best with heavy pressure and high heat for sustainable prints.

ephotoinc heat press controls
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Build quality

This fully assembled machine has overall good build quality. Durable material has been used for its manufacturing. Moreover, the fortified framework ensures resilience and can bear heavy usage. Besides, the heating element comes coated with quality Teflon sheets making its surface non-stick.

Its silicon pad has the potential to tolerate temperatures up to 500 degrees without any side effects.

Supported Materials

It is one hell of a multifunctional item that will serve you with a multitude of uses. Being compatible with nearly every other element, you can use it on various materials and get high-quality results.

This machine lets you get the transfers done on fabric, T-shirts and garments, bags, mousepads or mats, jigsaw puzzles, plastisol transfers, and even ceramic tiles. In short, it is compatible with all items as long as they are flat.

It will not work on items having curved spaces as it lacks a curved heating element. It won’t be used on caps, mugs, etc.

ephotoinc heat press result

Customer reviews

Overall, Ephotoinc heat press reviews have a mixed rating. Some people have liked certain features and hated others. It depends on the customer’s personal experience, but this machine has more good reviews than bad reviews. So, it is safe to say, “It is worth your money and effort.”

People have found this swing away heat transfer machine a piece of equipment for beginners and intermediate-level printers. The ergonomic theme and simple design are the most popular features among customers. You can operate it easily.

The small business owners appreciate this machine for being a very pocket-friendly option. It is received fully assembled, which saves the user’s time. The buyers like the Teflon-coated heating elements, as well. It is not much liked for its heavyweight, which makes it slightly difficult to pick.

My Experience

I am extremely impressed with this ePhotoinc heat press machine.

It is user-friendly with a simple on/off button, a timer button, and temperature adjustment capabilities.

The swing arm is effortless to move and the pressure can be adjusted easily to accommodate the thickness of the material being pressed.

I have successfully pressed designs onto clothing items ranging from newborn to 2XL size, with the only requirement for larger sizes being to press in sections.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

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How do you use the Ephotoinc heat press?

  • Turn on your machine 
  • Set your temperature and time
  • Choose pressure 
  • Now, wait for the heat press to warm up
  • Place the design and substrate
  • Once all set in place, close the lid and wait for the alarm to beep 

How to store ephotoinc heat press?

It would be best if you stored your heat press machine in a safe place. First, try keeping it a place away from an open setting to avoid outside elements that can be harmful. And second, keep it clean, which means you must get rid of all the residues once you have used it for printing.

Additional Questions

Is a swing away heat press superior?

Deciding if a swing away heat press is superior solely depends on what you intend to use it for. One feature stands out in favor of a swing away heat press: it’s excellent for creating custom designs on thicker objects. For instance, if you’re planning to work with hefty items like awards plaques and photo tiles, then definitely you would find this type of press valuable. This can be attributed to its brilliant vertical design and it’s “floating” heating elements. These elements descend and fine-tune slightly to suit thick or irregular substrates when you’re pressing on them. What you get as a result is an even application of pressure giving you a high-quality finished product. This is something that I have personally experienced when creating custom plaques.

Is a swing away heat press more effective than a clamshell?

If we’re talking about versatility and accommodation of thicker items, then swing away heat presses come out on top. This is because their top platen descends straight ensuring that pressure is applied uniformly across the substrate. Unlike the clamshell style, swing away heat presses are more flexible in applying pressure evenly across a variety of thick items such as plaques and tiles. The only caveat with swing away heat presses is their demand for more space, something I learned quickly when I got my first swing away press – make sure you’ve got ample space for it!

Which heat press brand should I go for?

Various brands are good for heat presses, but one brand that I’ve trusted over the years is **RoyalPress**. This is a heat press brand that ranks high both for quality and safety. What sets RoyalPress apart is its pull-away design. With this, the larger lower plate of the heat press pulls out, providing you a safe workspace, away from hot plates. This is something experienced and beginner heat press users will definitely appreciate because the design gives you room to refine your technique without the risk of getting burnt. I can’t even count the number of times this feature came in handy when I was starting out.

What are swing away heat presses used for?

Well, as the name suggests, swing away heat presses are a type of heat press machine that swings aside, giving you a comfortable and accessible workspace. These presses are utilized when transferring designs or graphics onto a variety of substrates – such as mugs, T-shirts, photo tiles, and more. The standout feature, which is the ability to swing the top heat plate away, can be incredibly beneficial for projects that require a steady hand and critical detail because you won’t have to worry about working around a hot plate or potentially burning yourself. I’ve found this feature most useful when working on complex designs with intricate details.

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