Dewalt heated jacket review – Good but needs improvement

DeWalt is an industrial tool company. It offers various industrial power tools. Furthermore, the Dewalt power tools include DeWalt drills, DeWalt grinders, DeWalt impact drivers, and tools sets.

The DeWalt heated jacket is a new addition to the list of power tools. However, the DeWalt heated jacket review shows that it has already gained popularity because of the quality that DeWalt offers.

Dewalt heated jacket review

This DeWalt heated jacket review will cover all specifications of Dewalt heated jackets, Pros, Cons, and reviews of Dewalt heated jacket.

DeWalt Heated Jacket material

The DeWalt heated jacket is made from the Soft Shell Polyester. This material is so soft for the body and keeps the jacket warm for hours. Furthermore, you can use it as a normal winter jacket when you feel the outdoor temperature is bearable.

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DeWalt heated jacket

DeWalt Jacket battery

This heated jacket is made to work with 20v as well as 12v batteries. It comes with a Li-Ion Battery of 1.5Ah. The run time of the DeWalt heated jacket battery is up to 7 hours. Unfortunately, it is on the lower side as compared to other heated jackets. However, it is enough to keep you warm for longer periods. Furthermore, this battery can be charged quickly as it comes with a fast charger.

Number of heat zones

The DeWalt heated hoodie has four heating zones. The Dewalt jacket’s heat zones are located on the right chest, upper left, collar, and mid-back. DeWalt heated jacket reviews show that people love that it covers almost all the body’s core areas.

DeWalt heated jacket pockets

DeWalt is generous when it comes to pockets for storage. There are five pockets. The Left and right waistline have one pocket each. Furthermore, there is a pocket on the left and right chest. Also, there is one pocket to keep your phone.

Can I charge my phone with Dewalt heated jacket?

Yes, you can charge your phone. It comes with 2 USB ports. So, you can charge whatever you want.

Is DeWalt Heated jacket water resistant?

Yes, this heated jacket offered by DeWalt is water-resistant. The outer shell is wind resistant too. So, you can wear it no matter what the weather is.

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DeWalt Heated vest temperature controls

We found the temperature controls in our DeWalt Heated jacket review to be convenient. It offers three heat settings (High, medium, and Low) with preheat function. Furthermore, the LED controls on this heated jacket are easy and accessible.

How does this heated jacket fit?

Since it comes with an adjustable waistline and sleeve cuffs, so it fits perfectly.

DeWalt heated jacket sizes

This heated jacket comes in Small, Medium, Large, 2L, and 3L. So, this is the heated jacket for everyone.

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DeWalt heated jacket reviews

There are mixed reviews for this heated jacket. It scores 4.4 on Amazon. While on its official website, it scores 3.3.

DeWalt heated jacket reviews
DeWalt heated jacket reviews
DeWalt Heated Jackets review
DeWalt Heated Jackets review

Is there any warranty?

Yes, DeWalt stands behind its products and offers 90 days money-back guarantee, 1-year free service, and a 1-year limited warranty.

DeWalt heated Jacket warranty
DeWalt heated Jacket warranty

How to contact DeWalt?

DeWalt can be contacted through their online portal, which is available 24/7.

How to wash dewalt heated jacket?

Wash this jacket by following the garment care instructions given on the jacket tag. Use a commercial liquid soap product. Do not use fabric softeners, biological powders, or strong detergents.

Where to buy dewalt heated jacket?

You can buy Dewalt heated jacket from Amazon or from the official Dewalt store.

How to charge dewalt heated jacket?

To charge the battery of a DEWALT HEATED JACKET, you need to follow these steps:

Connect the DEWALT HEATED JACKET to a 120V, 15A power outlet.

Charge your DEWALT HEATED JACKET for 1 hour.

Unplug the DEWALT HEATED JACKET and remove the battery pack.

Use the DEWALT HEATED JACKET for up to 45 minutes.

Do we recommend DeWalt?

Yes, we do recommend the Dewalt heated Jacket. Although the battery life is less, you can use the quick charger to charge it quickly. Our DeWalt heated Jacket review showed that this jacket needs a few improvements when sizing is concerned. Otherwise, DeWalt heated jackets are good for both men and women.

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