Calibrating the knife blade on Cricut maker 3

Calibration is the first step in using the Cricut knife blade with Cricut Maker.

Calibration is an essential step. If you skip it, the Design Space will not complete the process and will continue to prompt you to calibrate.

It can only be done by using the Windows or Mac laptop/pc. If you want to do it through the Mobile app, you are out of luck here.

How to calibrate the knife blade on Cricut maker 3?

Open Cricut Design Space

Double click the Desing Space app icon or select it from the start menu to open it.

Select the Calibration option

Click on the account menu and then select Calibration from the list of options.

Selecting calibration option

Select knife blade from the list of options

Once you click the calibration option, it will show a screen with three options. 1) Rotary blade 2) Knife Balde 3) Print the Cut. You just need to select option 2 i.e Knife Blade.

Select the knife blade

Insert the knife blade into the machine

It is time to pick up the knife blade and insert it into your Cricut Maker machine. Make sure to place a blank paper on the mat for your machine. Click continue.

Select the Cricut Maker from the list of machines

Once you click the continue button, it will display a drop-down menu. Click the drop-down menu to select the Circut Maker from the list of machines.

Load the mat

It is time to load the mat onto the machine with paper placed over it.

Press GO button

Once you place the mat, just press the glowing Go button. The machine will start cutting from right to center and from left to center. Once, it completes the process, remove the mat from the machine.

Identify the best overlap

You need to find the set of lines with the best overlap. The best overlap is the one with a single cut line and no offset between the lines. You can use a flashlight to identify the good cut path.

Cutting calibration sheet

Count the line number and select it on the screen

Count the line numbers of the best overlap on the mat. Return to the screen and select those lines from the drop-down menu. Click continue, it will complete the calibration process.

Calibration complete option

It is time to return to Canvas and design something for your next project!

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