Best heat transfer machine for Cricut

8 Best Heat Press machines for Cricut

  1. Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine For HTV Vinyl Projects
  2. DODODUM Heat Press Machine for T Shirts HTV Vinyl Projects
  3. Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press
  4. SURPCOS Heat Press Machine 15” x 12” 5 in 1 Printing Press Machine
  5. OFFNOVA Im·Pression 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine 1150W with Overheat Protection
  6. Bettersub Print Machine DIY Digital Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine
  7. HTVRONT Heat Press Machine 10 X10 Press Machine
  8. RoyalPress 15” x 15” Color LED Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

Are you an enthusiastic crafter? Are you planning to do some innovative art projects?

You definitely need two things: A Cricut cutting machine and a heat press machine. Even if you have a cutting machine, no craft can be completed without a heat press. And for a professional outcome, you must find a heat press machine that works brilliantly with your Cricut cutting machine and should be fully compatible with each other for seamless crafting.

A quality heat press will surely be a perfect complement to your cutting machine!

How do you plan to transfer it to the shirt once you have cut your desired designs and made a layout with a cutting machine? You will need a heat press for the Cricut. With a heat press, you can show your creativity, complete more tasks in less time with ease and hassle-free, bring industrial-grade finesse to your unique projects, and work with a wide range of smart materials.

A good heat press machine can help you personalize shirts, tiles, mats, mugs, caps, and hats, no matter the shape you have cut your fabric into with Cricut cutting machine.

8 Best heat press for Cricut

Here is a detailed review and comparison of each machine:

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine For HTV Vinyl Projects

Cricut Easy Press 2, available in three eye-catching colors (raspberry, mint, and lilac), is a handy pick for personal and professional use because it has compact 9-inch x 9-inch measurements, even heat distribution, and quality iron-on results provided in a matter of seconds.

A 12×10 variant of easpyress is also avaialble.

You can adjust the temperature to 400 degree Fahrenheit and apply pressure as per the material’s thickness.

The unconventional heat plate design with two heating elements has a premium ceramic coating.

This heat press for Cricut helps you complete your sublimation projects by guaranteeing precise control over parameters with an easy-to-read and manageable LED panel.

Not only does it work quickly and reliably, but it also combines the speed of a heat press with the portability of an iron.

For the safety of the user and to limit incidents of overheating or burning, the company has made it less bulky with a high-class insulated resting base, a built-in timer, and an auto-shutoff feature.

What We Like
  • Quick heat-up time (2 minutes).
  • It is lightweight for easy storage and portability.
  • Fits standard shirts, mousepads, tote bags, etc.
  • Pre-setting time and heat are more manageable with their heat guide available online.
  • It gives dry, flat, and even heat.
  • Valuable equipment for completing heat transfer on vinyl.
  • Sometimes, you need to apply extreme pressure to make the design stick to the material.
  • The smaller size of the heat platen slightly limits your design and material size.

DODODUM Heat Press Machine for T Shirts HTV Vinyl Projects

This heat press for the Cricut maker comes with numerous impressive features. It has a unique design, precise parameter settings, can work for eight hours straight, and gives quick results.

With a practically feasible size of 9×9-inch, DODODUM digital heat press machine brings accuracy to the vinyl projects by delivering even heat and pressure.

 It has a good temperature range of 210°F to 400°F, which you can set through a pioneering heat control system with a clear-view LED screen.

Buying this strikingly green portable press machine will give you a non-stick, top-quality alloy soleplate supported by a heating pipe of advanced design.

A large handle is present on the top for a firm grip and additional comfortability.

This small heat press machine has enough safety features, apart from a stylish appearance. It has a heat-insulating base layer, a countdown button, a heated plate with a coating, and an auto-shutoff feature so that HTV vinyl transfer work can be done safely in just one minute.

What we Like
  • Easy to control temperature and time
  • It heats up faster within 3-4 minutes.
  • FCC, UL-certified heat press machine.
  • The plate is smoother and irons better.
  • The machine comes covered in a transparent protective film.
  • Compatible with large or layered iron-on tasks.
  • Its high-class performance increases overall work efficiency.
  • The framework is relatively lightweight and portable.
  • Not suitable for larger projects.
  • It might melt the cut-outs on high heat.

Fancierstudio Power Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press

FrancierStudio has been at the top of the market with its high-quality heat press machines, and this digital heat press is a great sublimation tool.

It comes in an exotic black finish with a clamshell layout, making it a space saver. The blue accenting seems decent. Moreover, it measures 15×15 inches, which is satisfactorily large.

Running on 110 volts and 1400 watts, this is surely an impactful machine with an incredible temperature range. This heat press machine for Cricut goes as high as 700-degree Fahrenheit.

The key features are the electronic time and heat control panel for accurate pre-setting. The pressure is adjusted with a simple rotation of the full-range knob.

Top-quality silicone pad comes glued down for extra stability in this FrancierStudio digital heat press machine.

Teflon sheet is wrapped around the platens. In short, it is a valuable and affordable machine for completing multiple arts and crafts projects.

What we Like
  • The framework reflects the industrial-grade quality.
  • With its upward-opening style, it becomes fairly compact.
  • Outer black polish is supreme and lasts longer.
  • The temperature range is extensively wide.
  • Easy to set temperature and pressure.
  • Excellent combination of blue and black.
  • Some reviewers reported that the design fails to adhere firmly sometimes.
  • Clamshell design makes you compromise on safety a bit.

SURPCOS Heat Press Machine 15” x 12” 5 in 1 Printing Press Machine

SURPCOS heat press machine is available in two unique colors: red and blue. In terms of money, blue is slightly more expensive than red, but both have similar specs and sizes (15” x 12”).

The machine is versatile enough to print multiple flat-surfaced and round-surfaced items with five attached accessories. This best heat press for Cricut projects gives you 100% robustness and durability.

 Apart from providing you with an exquisite and comfortable design with ergonomic non-skid handles and arms, it is highly safe to use.

The smart utilization of commercial-grade steel, anti-slip silicone pad, built-in timer with an audible beep, and overheating protection function ensures safe use. The Teflon-coated platen ensures smoothness, no overheating or burning issues, and even heat and pressure distribution.

It offers a temperature range of 200 to 450-degree F. The time control range ends at 999 seconds. Moreover, it requires 900 Watts and 110 Volts. Full 360-degree swing arm rotation makes it easy to use. The pressure adjustment knob lets you manage pressure as per the thickness levels.

What we Like
  • No need to buy an extra Teflon sheet.
  • The swing-away design keeps you safe from accidentally touching heating elements.
  • Flawless addition for a smaller hobbyist.
  • Quick disassembly and assembly.
  • Stable structure boosting efficiency.
  • Its smaller footprint makes it portable.
  • The handle is a bit hard to push down.
  • It does not come with detailed instructions.

OFFNOVA Im·Pression 9” x 9” Heat Press Machine 1150W with Overheat Protection

Now comes the OFFNOVA heat press, an absolutely nice operating machine in mint and red shades complemented by an eye-catching sleek design.

Measuring 9” x 9”, it accommodates shirts brilliantly while supporting 1150 Watts. Setting up your desired time and temperature is no more a problem with its precise control box and full-range pressure-adjustment knob. It meets HTV requirements as well. 

As far as temperature is concerned, this heat press machine for Cricut can heat up to 400 degrees. Time is adjustable after every 1 second; up to 600 seconds means 10 minutes. The structure is pretty heavily loaded with ABS and PA materials for enhanced safety. That is not all!

It does have an overheat protection circuit layout, a solid insulation base, a fireproof design, and heat-resistant standoff pads.

Besides, the built-in dual heating tubes ensure uniform heat output. LCD screens offer easy parameter management. An ergonomic handle doubles the convenience.

What we Like
  • The package comes with 4x HTV sheets and 1x Blank Tote.
  • Reaches 400-degree F in 5 minutes, only.
  • In a minute, you’ll see your designs and patterns printed on your item.
  • Auto-shutoff feature for user’s safety.
  • The product has a 1-year warranty.
  • Auto shutoff & Overheat protection.
  • The temperature display has Fahrenheit/Celsius Option.
  • Sometimes, it cools down untimely and fails to reach the desired heat setting.

Bettersub Print Machine DIY Digital Industrial Quality Heat Press Machine

The Bettersub heat press comes in black and gray and can be used for both personal projects and mass printing. The structure has an LCD panel that gives complete digital control.

The range for the temperature goes up to 440°F. For a time, the range is as high as 499 seconds. It has an easier pre-set pressure adjustment knob. 

Reflecting industrial quality, this clamshell transfer sublimation Machine has a perfect size of 15” by 15”. Such measurements avoid fire and accidental overheating. Additionally, this heat press for the Cricut Explore Air 2 is safe enough to use because it incorporates solid-state relays.

Teflon-coated surfaces serve multiple purposes: quick clean-up, enhanced durability, cloth safety, and even heat. And how can you not like its heat-resistant silicone pads? The temperature monitoring chip prevents electric shocks.

What we Like
  • The colors of the designs always look bright.
  • The equipment has a long life.
  • Both parameters are easy to set.
  • Reaches high pressure and high temperature with safety and efficiency.
  • Suitable for industrial, professional, and personal use.
  • Sometimes, it wouldn’t set the temperature or time properly.

HTVRONT Heat Press Machine 10 X10 Press Machine

To make a smart investment without compromising on quality, buy a lightweight HTVRONT heat press machine, as it is not only top-quality but also smartly designed with the measurements of 10 “X10”.

This portable machine guarantees to heat fast (1 minute), delivers uniform pressure and heat, and is compatible with Vinyl and Sublimation. 

This best Cricut heat press for shirts is built with an insulated safety base and an auto-shut-off feature. Moreover, the built-in timer comes with an audible beep alarm, ensuring a clean and professional transfer.

The sturdy top and grippy side handles make for better handling. The item has much more to offer than a large heating surface!

Precision is guaranteed with a unique pressure display (up to 99 lb), quick temperature (70 to 410 °F), and time (1-999 seconds) settings.

A good alternative of this machine is Siser heat press.

What we Like
  • The structure is highly portable.
  • Setting the recommended time, pressure, and temperature is straightforward.
  • No more accidentally burning your hands or design.
  • Lasting results after repeated washes.
  • FCC & UL certificated.
  • The machine is sturdy enough to resist 410°F/210°C temperature.
  • Some reviewers didn’t like the overall appearance of this machine.

RoyalPress 15” x 15” Color LED Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine

This heat press for Cricut vinyl has many attractive features. Available in black, it not only looks sturdy but feels robust and offers years of service. Superior-quality cast aluminum is used for heating plates. It comes covered in Teflon, ensuring smooth results and no burning problems.

 It supports 110 volts and 1400 watts as per the US-standard grounded plug. The silver lining is the color LED equipped with an intelligent digital temperature, time, and counter triple function control system panel.

The automatic countdown, signal indicator, and alarm are safety measures. 

The platen is compatible with printing on ceramic, glass, wool, and any textile. It comes with a temperature range of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit and a time range of up to 999 seconds. For the counter, the range ends at 999 pieces.

What we Like
  • Special thickened aluminum heating plate for even and stable temperature spread.
  • Easy to operate the manual handle.
  • Delivers additional function of calculating production.
  • Industrial strength and durability.
  • Convenient to clean Teflon sheets.
  • Integrated electric control system.
  • A user complained that the temperature decreases with time.
  • A longer time is required to heat up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a Cricut heat press with sublimation?

Yes, you can SURELY use the Cricut heat press for sublimation. As sublimation requires a higher heat for transferring the design to fabric, Cricut heat press machines can obtain a hotter degree. Plenty of digital press machines are available that are compatible with vinyl (heat transfer vinyl) and sublimation applications or sublimation ink.

Can you use a Cricut heat press with silhouette cameo?

You can defintely use the Cricut heat press machine with silhouette cameo to get professional results. They go well with each other and fulfill crafting needs.

Is a Cricut heat press better than iron?

Yes, it is better, and for multiple reasons. Firstly, Cricut heat press machines provide even heat and pressure distribution. Secondly, they offer timer options with built-in alarms. Thirdly, they come with LED screens for precise parameter management. And most importantly, you can achieve a higher temperature with a heat press than a simple iron.

Do I need a heat press for Cricut?

Yes, it would be best to have a heat press for Cricut. Cricut Maker and Air Explorer help you to cut and prepare designs, while a heat transfer machine will help you transfer this design to a shirt, mug, tumbler, shoes, or a material of your choice.

What can you do with a cricut heat press?

A Cricut heat press can be used to heat transfer designs or text onto fabrics, such as t-shirts, bags, and other items. The Cricut heat press also has a wide range of settings for different materials and thicknesses. You can also use it to make custom mugs, hats, and more.

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