Best Cricut Accesories for those having cricut machine

16 Best Cricut Accessories for Crafters

  1. Cricut Premium Fine-Point Blade
  2. Cricut StandardGrip Mat
  3. Cricut Rotary Cutter
  4. Cricut Brayerand Mat Remover Set
  5. Cricut XL Scraper
  6. Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit
  7. Cricut Machine Tool Organizer
  8. Cricut Infusible Ink Markers
  9. Cricut Sewing Kit
  10. Cricut Bright 360
  11. Cricut Scoring Stylus
  12. Cricut Roll Holder
  13. Cricut Foil Transfer Kit
  14. Cricut BrightPad
  15. Cricut Accessory Pouch
  16. Cricut Gel Pen Set

Do you own a Cricut machine?

Do you want to do multiple projects?

Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your machine?

Well, you need Cricut accessories.

These must have Cricut accessories will help you do multiple projects, increase efficiency, and save you time.

Best Cricut accessories

Cricut Premium Fine-Point Blade

Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

Buy the fine-point blade from Cricut.

Turn your Cricut into a precision cutting machine with this high-quality Cricut blade. The Premium Fine Point blade is designed to cut intricate details and hand lettering with accuracy, reducing the risk of destroying your material with a blunt blade.

Cricut StandardGrip Mat

Buy this mat from Cricut.

The Cricut Standard Grip mat is a durable and easy-to-clean mat that will support your creativity with the help of your Cricut Explore or Expression machine. Made of soft, safe, and durable materials, it is perfect for any surface. This mat will give your projects a smooth finish with optimum results every time. Get creative with the Cricut Standard Grip mat!

Cricut Rotary Cutter

You’ll never buy another rotary cutter again. The Cricut Rotary Cutter is a must-have for quilters, sewers, crafters, and more. It features a steel blade that is sharp enough to cut through multiple layers and thicker fabrics. With its sliding quick-release blade cover and symmetrical handle, this rotary cutter is perfect for anyone!

Cricut Brayerand Mat Remover Set


Cricut Brayer is a hand-held, fabric-safe, non-stick roller for pressing down adhesive vinyl to your cutting mat. Say goodbye to bubbles, wrinkles, and kinks in your vinyl. With the Cricut Brayer, you’ll get the best application of your design every time.

Cricut XL Scraper

Cricut XL Scraper, Mint

Cricut XL Scraper is the perfect tool for working with larger materials such as vinyl. Use the scraper to burnish your material to a large surface, saving time and toil. The ergonomic handle provides comfort while you work and prolongs your mat life.

Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit

Precision cutting has never been easier or safer. Cricut’s TrueControl Knife is an innovative new way to cut a straight line. With its blade lock system, you have greater control and fewer accidents, so you can cut with confidence. The cushioned grip and protective cap will keep this knife with you for a long time!

Cricut Machine Tool Organizer

Cricut Machine Tool Organizer - Compartmentalized with Dedicated Organizing Sections for Housings, Tips, Blades, and Tools, A Perfect Organization and Storage Option for Your Crafting Machine Tools

Ready to get your Cricut cutting blades, tools, and housings safely organized? The Cricut Tool Organizer is designed to hold up to 10 housings, tools, and blades. Made of durable materials, this case will keep your delicate cutting tools and housings safe from damage.

Cricut Infusible Ink Markers

Cricut Infusible Ink Markers, Basic Medium-Point Markers (1.0), 5 count

Looking for the perfect tool to make your creativity come to life? These must have Cricut maker accessories infuse vibrant designs. They are water-resistant, so you never have to worry about your artwork coming off. They’re also made of durable ink that won’t rub off when you’re crafting. Get creative and enjoy these pens because they are as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Cricut Sewing Kit

Cricut Sewing KIT Set, White

Have you been struggling to sew or quilt because of the lack of proper equipment? Not anymore! Cricut’s Premium Sewing Kit will bring your projects to life with every single essential you need. You’ll be cutting, pinning, measuring, and stitching in style with this premium sewing kit in no time!

Cricut Bright 360

Cricut Bright 360, Ultimate LED Table Lamp | Desk Lamp for Craft Room, Bedroom, and Office - Mist

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or making your next holiday cards, the Cricut Bright 360 provides the perfect light for any project with its adjustable, reliable lamp. The 360-degree pivoting and rotation of our lamp lets you light up any angle. Its powerful LED lights give you bright and crisp colors on your material with a 95 CRI, so you get the truest details for your project. And it’s all smart too!

Cricut Scoring Stylus

CRICUT Stylus Lilac

Give your DIY projects a personal touch with this CRICUT Stylus. It has all the features you’ll need to create score lines in paper, cardstock, and other materials. The stylus comes with a replaceable super fine tip and is compatible with most Cricut machines.

Cricut Roll Holder

Cricut Roll Holder -With Built in Trimmer – Perfect for Clean Precise Cuts of Cricut Smart Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl Iron On – Compatible with Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Explore 3,White

Are messy, uneven cuts getting you down? Here is the solution – the Cricut Roll Holder. The Roll Holder makes it easy to cut cleanly through a material, with a built-in trimmer for precise edges. The Roll Holder is also compatible with Circuit Smart Materials from 3m – 22.8m. Now get back to cutting without worrying about all that wasted material!

Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

Cricut Transfer KIT FOIL

With the Cricut Foil Transfer Kit, you can create a dazzling foil effect on any of your Cricut projects – without using heat. This tool makes it easy to add silver, gold, copper, or any color of the foil to your projects with precision and without the mess. And because the foil is cut from a roll, you’ll get more than enough for your project with just one purchase.

Cricut BrightPad

Cricut BrightPad Go (29.2 cm x 22.8 cm), Flexible LED Light, Five Brightness Settings Up to 4200 Lumens, Cordless and Portable Drawing Light Pad for Tracing, Weeding Vinyl, Sketching, Diamond Painting

Are you a crafter? Do you want to improve your craft? Make it more fun, more professional, and more beautiful? Then the Cricut BrightPad is for you! This innovative surface is battery-powered to last up to 1.5+ hours and is cut and scratch resistant. The adjustable LED light makes crafting in any lighting better while the sleek, non-slip design lets you create easily.

Cricut Accessory Pouch

Cricut Accessory Pouch

It’s always a pain trying to find your Cricut pens or the right blade when you need it most right? With this Accessory Pouch, you’ll never have to dig through your drawers again. It has sections for your pens, blades, and even your Cricut machine so you can take it with you as you go. Stop stressing about where to put everything and get some order in your life with this nifty pouch

Cricut Gel Pen Set

Cricut Gel Pen Set, Dark Petals

Don’t settle for cheap, dull, and boring projects. Make your invitations stand out with this pack of Cricut Gel Pens. The ultra-fine point tip of these pens makes it easier to draw fine details and the silky gel finish makes them perfect for wedding invitations or when you want that extra special touch.

Buying guide

Buying accessories for Cricut machines is important because it can help you to increase the functionality of the machine and allow you to do more things with it. Following are a few factors that you should keep in mind before buying accessories for Cricut.

Use case

When it comes to accessories, you should keep in mind your use case. There is no point in buying those expensive items that will never be used in your projects.


Cricut makes quality items. There is no need to buy those cheap quality items from third-party sellers. Mostly, those items are copies and won’t last long.


Read what others have to say about the product. Find out the pros and cons. Always choose a product that has 4+ star ratings.


Remember that not all accessories are compatible with all Cricut machines. There is a possibility that an item that is compatible with Cricut Maker will not work with the Cricut Explore series. Make sure that the accessory is compatible with the machine you have.


What does select an accessory mean on Cricut?

It means the accessory is missing or has not been attached properly. Here are a few things to do when seeing this alert:

  1. Make sure to attach the accessory before starting the project.
  2. Make sure it is compatible with your Cricut machine.
  3. Find out whether your material is compatible with the accessory or not.
  4. Check the blade. You might need to replace it.
  5. Finally, check if there is a firmware update.

What Cricut accessories do you need to make a shirt?

You need one of the Cricut cutting machines, Cricut Easypress (or household iron), Cricut light grip mat, Fine Point blade, Easypress mat, and weeding tools to make a shirt with Cricut.

What accessories come with the Cricut Maker?

Cricut mat, rotary blade, and fine point pen are the accessories that come with the Cricut Maker.

Where to buy Cricut accessories?

You can buy Cricut accessories from the Cricut store or Amazon.

Can you use coupons on Cricut accessories?

Yes, you can use coupons on Cricut accessories.

List of best accessories for Cricut
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