Best auto open heat press machines

Best Auto Open Heat Press Machine (My Honest Review)

Dimensions30.75 x21.5×19.2530.3×24.8×23.230.3×24.8×3.230.31 x 24.8 x 23.23
Weight91.8 pounds107.8 pounds107.8 pounds107.8 pounds
Power usage1600W1600W1600W1700W
Flat press area16 x 20 in20in x 16 in16×20 in16×20 in
Max Temp752°F482℉482℉482℉
Timer range0-999 sec.0-999 sec.0-999 sec.0-999 sec.
Work area16×20 Inch15.7in x 19.7in15.7in x 19.7in15.7 x 19.7in
ProsSturdy, easy to use, auto open, very fast, efficient, slide-out baseLarge size, quick delivery, easy to use, auto open, Free Shipping for USA customersEasy to use, lockdown feature, 2 Years warrantyAuto open, Teflon coating, uses advanced spring air, Free shipping in the USA
ConsSome complaints about the heating elementNo slide outShipping needs improvementThe digital control panel needs improvement
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Are you looking for a good auto-open heat press machine?

I was doing the same last year when I started to receive bulk orders. The problem I faced was that the delivery time of my orders needed to be short. I needed a heat press that could automate the process because regular heat presses take a lot of time for each piece.

One of my colleagues told me that an auto-open heat press could solve all my problems.

In case, you are wondering what an auto open heat press is?

An auto open heat press opens automatically when the timer runs out. There are two types of auto-open: A fully automatic machine and a semi-auto. A fully automatic press closes when you touch the button and open when the time runs out. In comparison, a semi-auto press only opens when the time is complete and you have to close it manually.

I bought 8 top-reviewed auto-open heat press machines from Amazon to find the best one. After using each and every machine for 10 days, I found that CREWORKS Auto Open Heat Press Machine with Slide Out Base is the best auto open heat press machine.

4 Best Auto open heat press machines

CREWORKS Auto Open 16×20 Clamshell Heat Press with Slide Out Base

As soon as I unboxed CREWORKS heat press, I knew that it is going to make my life easier.

This heat press machine has an electromagnetic system that automatically opens once the count down is complete. The heating platen is made up of Aluminium. It helped me improve my efficiency by 60%.

The slide-out base helped me to get clean and safe transfers every time. I was able to cool one transfer while I prepare the next one.

The temperature control unit is intuitive and easy to use. It allowed me to change the parameters easily. I was able to heat press shirts, masks, pillows, and sheets easily.

Although I completed 5 orders in a week with the help of this heat press machine and did not come across any problem, one reviewer on Amazon mentioned that the heating element of CREWORKS heat press is not of good quality. However, again I consider this machine a beast and I think every part of it has been crafted carefully.

CALCA 110V 20 x 16 Auto Open Heat Press Machine

CALCA is a trusted name when it comes to heat press machines. It also features in our list of best tumbler presses.

CALCA did not charge any shipping fees and I got this machine just 3 days after ordering. I loved the 20×16 size.

Since CLACA uses laser cutting technology, the machine looks sleek and solid. 

Once I unboxed and tried to use the machine, the pressure did not work. I contacted CALCA support and they replied instantly. They told me to turn the black screw clockwise to increase the pressure. They deliberately decrease the pressure while packing the machine so that it reaches safely.

I was disappointed with the fact that it does not have a slide-out base. However, the quick delivery, ease of use, the sleek appearance, and efficiency of this heat press machine have compelled me to rate it as the second best option when it comes to auto open heat transfer machines.

You can buy it from Amazon or Walmart.

H-E 110V 20 x 16 Auto Open T-Shirt Horizontal Heat Press

H-E heat press machine came after a week. I was worried because there is no option to choose the color and they send random colors. However, I was surprised by the sleek combination of silver and blue once I unboxed this machine.

This machine is a bit on the heavier side when we compare it to  CREWORKS. However, it was easy to set up. Being a semi-automatic press, the auto-lock feature worked great. 

Although this machine helped me complete 3 orders in 5 days, I feel it is less efficient than CALCA. I had to stop sometime because of uneven temperatures. However, once it gets going, there is no stop.

The advanced spring air technology helped me get exact transfers on shirts, pillows, and puzzles. 

I’d love to see improved shipping time and more detailed instructions. Moreover, H-E should allow customers to choose the heat press color.

POVOKICI 110V 20 x 16 Auto Open Heat Press Machine

I must admit that I did not want to buy POVOKICI heat press. However, their advertisement on social media complled me to do so.

I got this machine in 48 hours after ordering. The blue color matched the interior of my workshop.

The main difference between POVOKICI and other machines is the wattage. It uses 1700 watts as compared to all others on this list that use 1600 watts. As a result, this machine is more powerful than others.

The digital control panel is not easily accessible. If you are on the rid or left side of the machine, you need to bend in order to access it.

The alarm of this machine worked great. I was able to listen to it from some distance. This machine worked perfectly for heat pressing shoes and customizing hats.

I used this machine for heat-pressing mousepads. It did not disappoint. However, this machine took more time despite being more powerful. As a result, it is less efficient.

I recommend this machine if you are looking for a solid machine with good customer support. You won’t regret buying this beast!


Who needs an auto open heat press machine?

Auto open heat press machines are especially good if you’re in the business of printing a large amount at one time, as they can do their job while you’re doing other tasks.

If you’re the kind of person who always needs to be doing something, auto open heat presses might be a solution for you. If you have trouble staying focused on things like waiting by the machine while it warms up, just go auto-open and keep working while your press heats up!

Sometimes, distractions come in the form of customers (kids and pets if you work from home). If something comes up while you’re using your machine, it’ll continue automatically anytime.

What Can you do with an Auto opening heat press?

An auto opening heat press allows you to have a machine that is always ready to press.

This means you can start and finish press jobs without ever having to get up and manually open the machine.

What are the Pros and cons of an auto open heat press machine?


  • Auto opening
  • Less obstruction of vision
  • Auto shut off
  • Easier to use
  • No need for a timer or on/off switch


  • They are expensive.
  • They are only available in Clamshell design.

Are auto open heat press machines worth the money?

Yes, auto open heat press machines are worth the money. Auto open heat press machines allow you to make quick changes in production without needing to manually change out of your machine. The automatic open feature is convenient for users as it reduces the time needed to change out of the machine.

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